Adjustable Height Desks vs. Stand Up Desks

We talk a lot about sitting disease and its attendant dangers, but what about the flip side of the equation? Many standing desk users want to know if too much standing can also be bad for you.

The real question is: “how much standing time is right for me?” The answer varies from person to person – fitness level, injuries, age, weight, work environment, and other factors should be taken into consideration.

Adjustable Height DeskProlonged standing can be problematic under certain circumstances:

–          If you have existing foot, joint, or back injuries or pain

–          If you’re wearing shoes that make standing uncomfortable

–          If you’re standing for extended work hours (8-12 hours) without a break

–          If your desk/keyboard/monitor is not at the ergonomically correct height

–          If you go from no standing time to prolonged standing time too quickly

To avoid any issues, it’s recommended that you ease into your standing desk use by starting with short standing sessions, and then gradually adjusting to longer standing times, eventually arriving at the sit-to-stand ratio that works best for you.

This is where adjustable height desks like VARIDESK have an advantage over standing-only or sitting-only desks – they allow you to easily customize your sit-to-stand ratio, and don’t lock you in to either position permanently.

Some days you may have more energy than others … some days you may be wearing more comfortable shoes than others … whatever the circumstance, VARIDESK adjusts quickly and easily to meet your needs. Most healthy habits come down to restoring a sense of balance to your life.

There’s no need to adopt an all-or-nothing approach in your quest to combat sitting disease – a balanced, sensible adjustment to your everyday work habits is all it takes to make a big difference in your health and your performance on the job.

Check out this article for some tips on how to make your standing time enjoyable and safe.

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