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VARIDESK Dual Monitor Workstation

The VARIDESK™ adjustable height workstation is a retrofit solution for customers looking to lower the amount that they sit at a desk during their working day.

With a VARIDESK, customers are able to easily change between standing and sitting while still being able to work at their workstation.

Height adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular in the modern workplace and the beauty of the VARIDESK solution is that it works on top of your existing desk. Simply place the VARIDESK on top of your existing desk and lift up using our easy-to-use handles when you want to stand and work.

VARIDESKs allow people to regularly change between a standing and seated working position, with a number of proven benefits:

  • Increased alertness, concentration and productivity.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Relief from muscle ache caused by static posture.
  • Flexibility to adjust your working position to the task in hand.
  • Ability to move and change position without interrupting workflow.

Our range of VARIDESK height adjustable workstations are built for either one or two monitor workstations and can be set up within five minutes it arrives at your office or home. Our full range of VARIDESKs can be viewed at

Stand up against sitting disease with the VARIDESK adjustable height workstation range.

Matt Carson

Matt Carson

Matt Carson has worked on VARDIESK since the inception of the product line. He has worked across many product lines that have been focused on providing great equipment for the modern office.

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