Article Features VARIDESK as Affordable Standing Desk Option

We came across a great article today discussing different standing desk options and were pleasantly surprised to see VARIDESK mentioned as an affordable standing desk option!

In the article in mentions the Mayo Clinic study that shows standing increases blood flow which helps to burn more calories. It goes on to explain that was the initial reason that Kathryn Curtice requested a a standing desk from her company and “after recovering from the sticker shock that often accompanies shopping for adjustable office furniture, Curtice found the VARIDEK.”

We’re very happy she did and think that the article is a great overview on the options that are out there for individuals looking for an affordable standing desk option.

Welcome to the Standing Revolution Kathryn!

Check out the full article here:

Judy O’Loughlin

Judy O’Loughlin

Judy O’Loughlin is a copywriter and voiceover talent who works, writes and records while standing at her VARIDESK.

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