ALI (Art Licensing International) Team Makes a “Stand” Towards a Healthy Lifestyle with VARIDESK

Art Licensing International has developed into one of the leading commercial licensing companies in the world. Their CEO heard their requests for an option to stand up while working and ordered them VARIDESK. In their latest blog post,  The ALI  Team Makes a “Stand” Towards a Healthy Lifestyle, they discuss the transition to their new VARIDESK’s. In the post they say, “The best part about these desks is the option to move it down to a “regular” desk when we do not want to stand.”

Welcome to the Standing Revolution ALI!



Check out their full blog post here:

Emily Bright

Emily Bright

Emily Bright works at VARIDESK within the sales & marketing function. She is one of our greatest assets and works tirelessly to reinforce the positive benefits of using standing desks such as the VARIDESK.

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