Business Mirror Features VARIDESK in Standing Desk Article

varidesk video

We’ve gone global y’all! The Philippines’ Business Mirror recently published this feature about the growing standing desk trend, and included VARIDESK in their product reviews. But, seriously, that’s not the only reason I like the article… no really! I also like the fact that it covers some of our “greatest hits” from this here humble blog – i.e. the ugly statistics on sitting disease, how forward-thinking companies like Adobe, Pixar, Google, and Facebook are adopting standing desks, and the fact that an adjustable sit-to-stand desk is really the healthiest way to work.

The author notes that “the key is to alternate between sitting and standing…” and I couldn’t agree more. She goes on to provide some helpful reviews of several standing desks and adjustable height desks in both full-size and retrofit models. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that VARIDESK was not only the most affordable option reviewed, but also the only one that “swept up multiple awards at NeoCon 2013, North America’s largest architecture and design expo.” I’m just sayin!

Okay, sorry, I had to brag a little bit. It’s just exciting that we’re so new to the market and already seeing such positive feedback from customers and media outlets like Business Mirror. Our little VARIDESK is all grown up and headed out to see the world!


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