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Varidesk Standing Desks In Storage

Sit-Stand Options That Fit Your Desk and Your Budget

  The Starting Line Up Are you new to the idea of standing and looking for a place to start, all while trying to stay within your budget? If you’re considering a sit-stand desk for your office, and you’re unsure if you’ll make the right call, we have a simple solution for you. Let us […]

Essential Benefits of Walking Meetings

Walking meetings are a breath of fresh air for employers and employees for a number of reasons. They contribute to a stronger mind and body balance, and they help prevent people from maintaining their sedentary lifestyle. If you’re looking to change the way you work, become less sedentary, and create a more active office, here […]

Invest in a Healthy Workplace

It’s always the perfect time to invest in your health and wellness. You can easily make a more productive and healthy office with VARIDESK Standing Desks. Check out our infographic below and learn just how much better off your business will be when you incorporate standing in the workplace! Find out more about incorporating VARIDESK into […]
Dane Rauschenberg Standing Desks

Guest Blog: Meet Dane Rauschenberg

Dane Rauschenberg, marathoner extraordinaire, is guest blogging with VARIDESK. Dane is an extreme runner, speaker and author and is world-renowned for completing 52 marathons in 52 weeks. His first book, See Dane Run, was a hit for both runners and non-runners alike. He believes that fitness shouldn’t just be viewed as a chore that keeps […]
Standing Desks Boost Productivity

Standing Desks Relieve Back Pain and Boost Productivity

In a report published by the Cornell University Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Laboratory, several studies involving the use of height-adjustable standing desks in various office settings were analyzed. The purpose was to find any correlation in the results of the studies and to determine what work environment benefits could be inferred from their findings. […]
Standing desks can make employees happier

Top 5 Reasons to Add Standing Desks to your Office

Like many office managers, you may be wondering if standing desks would be a welcome addition to your workspace. This is a decision that you may find difficult to make. After all, it affects dozens or even hundreds of people who rely on you to run a smooth operation. Purchasing standing desks for your office […]
Even Charles Dickens, famous for writing at a standing desk, would sit to write every now and then.

Have a Standing Desk? Don’t Make This Mistake

The surging popularity of standing desks has led to some confusion about the best way to use them for optimum benefit. As is often the case in health-related matters, moderation is the key. The body of research in the field of inactivity physiology shows that a mix of sitting, standing, and movement is the healthiest […]

Tips for Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Choose realistic goals If you haven’t run more than mile in the last six months, you might reconsider your resolution to run a marathon and start with a 5K instead. It’s a much less daunting commitment since you won’t need a trainer, and the training schedule is much less intense. Find one that benefits a […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Boosting Team Productivity

Be on time to meetings Set an example for coworkers by getting to meetings a few minutes early. If everyone makes a habit of showing up at 3:02 for 3 o’clock meetings, the team stops taking invite times seriously. By arriving early, you can take time to prepare, gather your thoughts, and maybe socialize a […]

Stand Up Australia – What You Need to Know

60 Minutes Australia: Stand Up Australia In this recent 60 Minutes Australia program, Michael Usher takes us from Melbourne, to D.C., to Silicon Valley and back following people affected by something we often do for more hours a day than we spend sleeping: sitting. According to research revealed in the program, we spend about 9.4 hours per day […]

National Yoga Month: Pigeon Pose

Relieve tension and stress by trying the pigeon pose at your desk. Begin by sitting tall in your chair. Place your left foot firmly on the floor. Cross your right ankle above your left knee, flexing the right foot. Place the left hand on the right ankle and the right hand on the right knee. […]

National Yoga Month: Forward Fold

For our next yoga stretch, you’ll need your desk chair. This is a modification of the forward fold pose. Begin by sitting in your chair with your feet planted wider than hip-distance apart. Inhale to a straight spine. As you exhale, tip forward from the hips. Allow your head to hang between your knees as your neck […]

National Yoga Month: Down Dog at the Desk

Hi everyone! Sue Schultze here. In honor of National Yoga Month, I’m going to give you a series of yoga stretches you can perform at your desk. Sitting is harmful for our health, leading and contributing to a highly sedentary lifestyle (this has been shown to lead to shorter life spans). Take time to notice […]

Creating an Active Office

Our last post mentioned the idea of an active workplace. Active, healthy employees are happier, more efficient, and a lower cost to your company.  Getting fit as a team will increase camaraderie and is great for keeping members accountable. Wondering where to get started? Have your team do periodic exercises together throughout the day. There are […]