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9 to 5 Back Pain? The Standing Solution to Back Pain

If you’re sitting at a desk the majority of your day, chances are you’ve experienced occasional, but more likely frequent, lower back pain. Sitting all day s proven to put strain on your back in ways standing doesn’t. Check out this infographic to find out why you should give your back a hand and get standing […]

The Exec Series: A Huge Set Up in Sit Stand Desks

Small Problem There’s a certain segment of the population that is more prone to experiencing back pain than most: tall people, especially those over 6 feet. When it comes to chairs, car seats, desks, planes and even beds, everything seems to come up a little short, leading to compressed backs and spines. Big Solution That’s […]
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VARIDESK Instagram Contest: Deck the Desks

It’s time to Deck the Desks! Win a FREE Pro Plus for your home/office, or give it to a friend! Enter this year’s Deck the Desks Instagram photo contest. All you have to do is decorate your (or a friend’s) VARIDESK workstation in holiday trappings. Entering is easy: Follow @standwithvaridesk on Instagram Share a photo […]

National Yoga Month: Pigeon Pose

Relieve tension and stress by trying the pigeon pose at your desk. Begin by sitting tall in your chair. Place your left foot firmly on the floor. Cross your right ankle above your left knee, flexing the right foot. Place the left hand on the right ankle and the right hand on the right knee. […]

National Yoga Month: Forward Fold

For our next yoga stretch, you’ll need your desk chair. This is a modification of the forward fold pose. Begin by sitting in your chair with your feet planted wider than hip-distance apart. Inhale to a straight spine. As you exhale, tip forward from the hips. Allow your head to hang between your knees as your neck […]

Creating an Active Office

Our last post mentioned the idea of an active workplace. Active, healthy employees are happier, more efficient, and a lower cost to your company.  Getting fit as a team will increase camaraderie and is great for keeping members accountable. Wondering where to get started? Have your team do periodic exercises together throughout the day. There are […]
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Fitness at Your Sit-Stand Desk: Some Affordable Accessories

In theory, I like the idea of the treadmill desk. In reality, I can’t afford one. Also,  I occasionally want the option to sit down, I want more flexibility to rearrange my work station every now and then, and… did I mention I can’t afford it? Anyway, for those of us who like to sneak […]
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Gamers who spend hours playing can benefit from using adjustable height desks.

Hey Gamers – Adjustable Height Desks aren’t Just for Work Don’t lie – If you’re a gamer and you’re at work right now – you’re counting the minutes until you can get home and get playing. I mean, that final battle isn’t going to fight itself, amirite? (Or whatever game you’re into) The average gamer […]
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Adjustable Height Desks Options |Your New Years Resolution

Ugh, making a New Year’s Resolution.  How much do you dread it – a lot, or a whole lot? Who started this tradition anyway? I’ll tell you who – some zero-body-fat, vegetable-eating, healthy self-esteem-having, morning person with a nauseatingly happy relationship, no bad habits and an abundance of willpower and self-control. The rest of us […]
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Adjustable Height Desk – This year’s hottest gift?

My “go to” gift this year will be an adjustable height desk from VARIDESK. I don’t know about you, but I have a couple of people on my Christmas list that I dread shopping for. C’mon, be honest – we all have someone for whom a gift card or a fruitcake (depending on how much […]
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Standing Desks Are Just the Beginning: Adopting Other Healthy At-Work Habits

I’m a fan of the Eat This not That series of books and articles from the ripped and toned studmonsters at Men’s health. Mostly because anything that encourages me to eat (it’s right there in the title!) I automatically like. Most health advice comes off as a big ‘ol nagathon of “don’t do this” “avoid […]
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Adjustable Height Desks vs. Stand Up Desks

We talk a lot about sitting disease and its attendant dangers, but what about the flip side of the equation? Many standing desk users want to know if too much standing can also be bad for you. The real question is: “how much standing time is right for me?” The answer varies from person to […]

Is a Height Adjustable Desk comfortable?

Now that we’re in the thick of the standing desk revolution, some people are concerned their height adjustable desk may not be so comfortable anymore after 8 or 9 hours. Fair enough – in fact, we dare you to talk to a waitress or a nurse about the wonders of your new standing desk while […]

Stand Up with VARIDESK for Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

The month of May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, created by The National Association for Health & Fitness and ACTIVE Life. The goal of GEHFM is to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to employers and their employees through worksite health promotion activities and environments. This makes May the perfect time to […]

GlaxoSmithKline’s Experiment with Adjustable Height Desks

GSK’s experiment with adjustable height desks asked a number of key questions about the suitability of furniture in the modern workplace. Questions such as  – “Can sitting too long negatively affect the productivity, morale and well-being of employees?” and “Can standing up more make a positive impact in the workplace?” – were a key part […]

Adjustable Height Workstations from VARIDESK

The VARIDESK™ adjustable height workstation is a retrofit solution for customers looking to lower the amount that they sit at a desk during their working day. With a VARIDESK, customers are able to easily change between standing and sitting while still being able to work at their workstation. Height adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular […]