9 to 5 Back Pain? The Standing Solution to Back Pain

If you’re sitting at a desk the majority of your day, chances are you’ve experienced occasional, but more likely frequent, lower back pain. Sitting all day s proven to put strain on your back in ways standing doesn’t. Check out this infographic to find out why you should give your back a hand and get standing […]
Back Pain Greys Anatomy 1918

Why Your Posture Matters

If you’re sitting down right now, chances are you are slouched over in your chair reading this. Most of us don’t even notice it, but studies show that the vast majority of us are hurting ourselves daily through our bad posture. In fact, one study found that for 90% of Americans, their normal posture is […]

Posture: 10 Tips to Ensure You Sit (and Stand) Up Straight

This post was provided by Dr. Mark Barnes of BackJoy.   It’s becoming increasingly apparent that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health. However, we must realize that prolonged standing comes with its own set of health implications. It’s important to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, all the […]