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The Exec Series: A Huge Set Up in Sit Stand Desks

Small Problem There’s a certain segment of the population that is more prone to experiencing back pain than most: tall people, especially those over 6 feet. When it comes to chairs, car seats, desks, planes and even beds, everything seems to come up a little short, leading to compressed backs and spines. Big Solution That’s […]
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VARIDESK Instagram Contest: Deck the Desks

It’s time to Deck the Desks! Win a FREE Pro Plus for your home/office, or give it to a friend! Enter this year’s Deck the Desks Instagram photo contest. All you have to do is decorate your (or a friend’s) VARIDESK workstation in holiday trappings. Entering is easy: Follow @standwithvaridesk on Instagram Share a photo […]

Stand Up Australia – What You Need to Know

60 Minutes Australia: Stand Up Australia In this recent 60 Minutes Australia program, Michael Usher takes us from Melbourne, to D.C., to Silicon Valley and back following people affected by something we often do for more hours a day than we spend sleeping: sitting. According to research revealed in the program, we spend about 9.4 hours per day […]

National Yoga Month: Forward Fold

For our next yoga stretch, you’ll need your desk chair. This is a modification of the forward fold pose. Begin by sitting in your chair with your feet planted wider than hip-distance apart. Inhale to a straight spine. As you exhale, tip forward from the hips. Allow your head to hang between your knees as your neck […]
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Fitness at Your Sit-Stand Desk: Some Affordable Accessories

In theory, I like the idea of the treadmill desk. In reality, I can’t afford one. Also,  I occasionally want the option to sit down, I want more flexibility to rearrange my work station every now and then, and… did I mention I can’t afford it? Anyway, for those of us who like to sneak […]

Article Roundup – Fitness Edition: stand up desk exercises, foam rollers and zombies!

Our article roundup this week focuses on fitness. It might make you feel better to read this while jogging in place … or at least while using your stand up desk. If you love MyFitnessPal or can’t live without your FitBit, you might be interested in this story from NPR. Fitness apps and self-monitoring devices […]
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Hot Topics: The Stand Up Desk, Sitting Disease, and Health in the Modern Office

It’s hard to keep up with all that’s being written lately about stand up desks, sitting disease, and making the modern workplace healthier. So here’s a brief roundup of some good reads that we highly recommend. Sitting disease is so 2013. All the kewl kidz now have “Silicon Valley Syndrome”.  According to a study conducted […]

A Standing Desk is Just One Way to Break Your Unhealthy Habits

When it comes to unhealthy habits, it’s pretty hard to think of any that are as bad as smoking. But just because you don’t light up on a regular basis doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. This Yahoo News article highlights 6 common unhealthy habits and how you can change them. As you can imagine, […]

Burn More Calories Using Your Sit/Stand Desk … and the VARIDESK app!

Okay, let’s talk calories. As in: “how many more calories am I really burning by standing instead of sitting?” Those who haven’t decided whether to make the switch to a sit/stand desk and those who refer to sit/stand desks as a “trend” often pose this question with a decidedly skeptical tone. So, next time you’re […]
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Article Features VARIDESK as Affordable Standing Desk Option

We came across a great article today discussing different standing desk options and were pleasantly surprised to see VARIDESK mentioned as an affordable standing desk option! In the article in mentions the Mayo Clinic study that shows standing increases blood flow which helps to burn more calories. It goes on to explain that was the […]
Detox Your Workday

Detox Your Workday with our standing up desk solution

“Detox” is a word I’m seeing a lot here at the beginning of the year. It makes sense – you need a clean slate to make room for all those healthy new habits, right? And, according to the lifestyle site Refinery29, your adjustable height desk can even be a part of a “workday detox”. The […]
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Start 2014 with Some Tips from a Stand Up Desk Pro

Happy 2014! We hope the New Year is treating you well and would love to hear how your “stand more” resolution is going so far. Are you hitting your goals, or hitting a wall? Don’t worry, getting used to your stand up desk can be challenging and we all have those “I’m sitting down and […]
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Feeling down? Try standing up against sitting disease!

We all know by now that too much sitting is bad for your ticker, your waistline, … oh, let’s face it, just about everything. But, if you’ve ever felt moody, irritable, and fatigued at the end of the workday (and who hasn’t?), you’ll be less than surprised to hear that excessive sitting also has negative […]
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How to Sit Properly Between Sessions of Standing at Your Varidesk

While we pride ourselves in being able to change the way you work with the Varidesk, we know that there are times when you will have to sit. And in our move towards healthy living, we believe it’s vital that you’re able to sit properly and with good posture. This not only improves the condition […]
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Healthy Living Behind Your Desk – Exercises for the Office Worker

The Desk Jockey habits of office life are seemingly unavoidable. With most of us working 8-9 hours a day, sitting at a desk in front of a computer or paperwork, we’re forced into long period of stillness. These habits can negatively affect our body’s health, as we absent-mindedly snack while we work or fail to […]

Get Moving This Movember with VARIDESK

Hey guys, get that mustache in gear and celebrate Movember with (what else?) a little movement! This cool animated video by Dr. Mike addresses how sitting disease affects men’s health and how even small lifestyle changes (like using VARIDESK) can make a big difference.  So, grow that ‘stache, take the 30-day pledge, and get moving! […]
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Why Are Stand-Sit Desks Becoming More Common in the Workplace?

When it comes to being a stand-up guy in the workplace, the proliferation of the stand up desk has certainly helped in this regard. With individuals becoming more and more health conscious, and the results of the negative effects of sitting readily available across the World Wide Web, it’s no wonder that there’s been a […]

The Stand Up Desk User’s Best Friend: The Anti-Fatigue Mat

We’ve covered ergonomic office chairs and adorable miniature office accessories, so now let’s review what many would argue is the most important stand up desk accessory of all – the anti-fatigue mat. Just about every testimonial from a new stand up desk user includes a “my feet and/or back were killing me, so I got […]

Using a Stand Up Desk at Work, but Surfing the Couch at Home?

Hey, let’s do some math! Wait, don’t run away! – I’m talking easy word problems here: 8 hours at work + 8 hours of sleep = 16 hours sitting/lying down per work day. Even if you’re using your stand up desk for half the work day, that’s still at least 12 hours a day of […]

Stand Up Desk = Career Boost?

Can a stand up desk rev up your metabolism? Certainly. Can it lower your blood pressure? Signs point to ‘yes’. But can it also boost your creativity, foster better workplace relationships, and make you a more effective leader? This advertising executive thinks so. Award-winning ad exec Roman Paluta spoke to the Career News blog over […]