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The Exec Series: A Huge Set Up in Sit Stand Desks

Small Problem There’s a certain segment of the population that is more prone to experiencing back pain than most: tall people, especially those over 6 feet. When it comes to chairs, car seats, desks, planes and even beds, everything seems to come up a little short, leading to compressed backs and spines. Big Solution That’s […]
Even Charles Dickens, famous for writing at a standing desk, would sit to write every now and then.

Have a Standing Desk? Don’t Make This Mistake

The surging popularity of standing desks has led to some confusion about the best way to use them for optimum benefit. As is often the case in health-related matters, moderation is the key. The body of research in the field of inactivity physiology shows that a mix of sitting, standing, and movement is the healthiest […]
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VARIDESK Instagram Contest: Deck the Desks

It’s time to Deck the Desks! Win a FREE Pro Plus for your home/office, or give it to a friend! Enter this year’s Deck the Desks Instagram photo contest. All you have to do is decorate your (or a friend’s) VARIDESK workstation in holiday trappings. Entering is easy: Follow @standwithvaridesk on Instagram Share a photo […]

Stand Up Australia – What You Need to Know

60 Minutes Australia: Stand Up Australia In this recent 60 Minutes Australia program, Michael Usher takes us from Melbourne, to D.C., to Silicon Valley and back following people affected by something we often do for more hours a day than we spend sleeping: sitting. According to research revealed in the program, we spend about 9.4 hours per day […]

National Yoga Month: Pigeon Pose

Relieve tension and stress by trying the pigeon pose at your desk. Begin by sitting tall in your chair. Place your left foot firmly on the floor. Cross your right ankle above your left knee, flexing the right foot. Place the left hand on the right ankle and the right hand on the right knee. […]

National Yoga Month: Forward Fold

For our next yoga stretch, you’ll need your desk chair. This is a modification of the forward fold pose. Begin by sitting in your chair with your feet planted wider than hip-distance apart. Inhale to a straight spine. As you exhale, tip forward from the hips. Allow your head to hang between your knees as your neck […]

National Yoga Month: Down Dog at the Desk

Hi everyone! Sue Schultze here. In honor of National Yoga Month, I’m going to give you a series of yoga stretches you can perform at your desk. Sitting is harmful for our health, leading and contributing to a highly sedentary lifestyle (this has been shown to lead to shorter life spans). Take time to notice […]

Working from Home: Six Simple Tips to Boost Productivity

Create a dedicated work space Getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle for most, but those of us who have the ability to work from home may be tempted to grab the laptop and crawl back under the covers. This sounds like a dream, but it is not a good idea. You can condition […]

Creating an Active Office

Our last post mentioned the idea of an active workplace. Active, healthy employees are happier, more efficient, and a lower cost to your company.  Getting fit as a team will increase camaraderie and is great for keeping members accountable. Wondering where to get started? Have your team do periodic exercises together throughout the day. There are […]

Good News, Bad News, Robot legs, and a visit from the Bragasaurus

This week’s smorgasbord of links includes bad news about sitting too much, good news about workplace fitness and performance, some comic relief, and a little VARIDESK love for dessert. First, the bad news…  The Independent has some sobering statistics for couch potatoes – every extra two hours of sitting was associated with a 10% increased […]

Basic Ergonomics Primer for Using Your Standing Desk

What we know: Too much sitting is bad. Using proper ergonomics and a standing desk is good. What we (probably) don’t know: What “proper ergonomics” means. We’ve been conditioned to recognize “ergonomic” as a positive word that we want associated with chairs, desks, and other office basics and accessories. However, it’s not a magic incantation; […]
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Links We Love: Standing Desk User Tips, Funny Stories and Tooting Our Own Horn

Time for another weekly linkapalooza! If you need a little comic relief today, you’ve come to the right blog. We’ve compiled some great recommendations and funny stories, and topped it all off with a few bragalicious links to recent VARIDESK news and reviews. Enjoy!  This blog post from the “Sports Doc” at has some […]
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Fitness at Your Sit-Stand Desk: Some Affordable Accessories

In theory, I like the idea of the treadmill desk. In reality, I can’t afford one. Also,  I occasionally want the option to sit down, I want more flexibility to rearrange my work station every now and then, and… did I mention I can’t afford it? Anyway, for those of us who like to sneak […]

Why You Should Be Using an Anti-Fatigue Mat at your Standing Desk

Standing desk users usually name anti-fatigue mats as their #1 must-have accessory – not a luxury, a necessity!  If you’re standing for several hours a day (especially on a hard floor), using a mat is the best way to protect your body from common ailments like “ouch my back” and “oh, my aching feet!” . […]

Washington Post: Standing Desks are Becoming the “New Normal” in Office Life

This recent Washington Post article takes a look at the standing desk “trend” as it quickly becomes a more common aspect of everyday work life – even comparing standing desk use to seatbelt use a few decades ago. VARIDESK president, Jason McCann, shared some insight into this phenomenon pointing out that “It always starts with […]

A Standing Desk + A Healthy Diet = A Happier You

It’s only right that a healthy person such as yourself – with your standing desk and your active lifestyle – should eat a healthy diet as well, right? The problem for most of us is that diet advice is often contradictory and confusing (are eggs good for us or bad for us this week?)  I’m […]

A Standing Desk is Just One Way to Break Your Unhealthy Habits

When it comes to unhealthy habits, it’s pretty hard to think of any that are as bad as smoking. But just because you don’t light up on a regular basis doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. This Yahoo News article highlights 6 common unhealthy habits and how you can change them. As you can imagine, […]

European Companies Weighing Costs and Benefits of Standing Desk Workplaces

Look out U.S. businesses –according to this BBC news article, many European companies are considering making standing desks a standard workplace feature. In fact, according to the article, “Denmark has just made it mandatory for employers to offer their staff sit-stand desks.” For most of the businesses considering the change to standing desks, their main […]

The Perfect Accessory for your Standing Desk – VARIDESK The Mat

It’s here! VARIDESK The Mat has arrived and it’s already a huge hit. The first thing everybody realizes once they start using a standing desk is how much better and more energized they feel. The second thing they realize is that they need an anti-fatigue mat now that they’re standing more often. Trust me, my […]

Burn More Calories Using Your Sit/Stand Desk … and the VARIDESK app!

Okay, let’s talk calories. As in: “how many more calories am I really burning by standing instead of sitting?” Those who haven’t decided whether to make the switch to a sit/stand desk and those who refer to sit/stand desks as a “trend” often pose this question with a decidedly skeptical tone. So, next time you’re […]