Detox Your Workday with our standing up desk solution

“Detox” is a word I’m seeing a lot here at the beginning of the year. It makes sense – you need a clean slate to make room for all those healthy new habits, right?

Detox Your Workday And, according to the lifestyle site Refinery29, your adjustable height desk can even be a part of a “workday detox”. The brief (and fashionable!) feature includes 5 easy ideas for creating a healthier workday, including a couple of tips for how to spend less time standing at work. (I’d like to politely point out that unlike the adjustable height desk they featured, the VARIDESK standing desk which allows you to keep your current desk and offers a larger work surface at a lower price…  Just sayin’!)

Their other tips are pretty good too – like using an ergonomic keyboard to go with your new adjustable height desk and spending your lunch hour somewhere other than your desk more often. However, if you’re interested in a more traditional type of detox, you can also check out their sugar detox survival guide, or this fantastic post-holiday tea detox guide. Looking for something juicier? How about a trip to The Naked Kitchen? – they’ll fix you right up.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the workday and the diet – how about that your home? Oh, come on, you know you have a closet or a garage or a bathroom with piles of junk and clutter that haunts your dreams. Declutter, Detox – same thing! Try out the New Year Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge from OrganizedHome.Com.

Detox your Workday with a VARIDESK. If you have any detox tips that have worked for you, let us know about it.


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