The Exec Series: A Huge Set Up in Sit Stand Desks

Small Problem

There’s a certain segment of the population that is more prone to experiencing back pain than most: tall people, especially those over 6 feet. When it comes to chairs, car seats, desks, planes and even beds, everything seems to come up a little short, leading to compressed backs
and spines.

Big Solution
That’s why we created the VARIDESK Exec Series. Built with taller people in mind, this sit-stand desk series starts 5.5 inches higher than our other VARIDESK models, perfect for people 6’ 1” or taller. Featuring 9 different height settings, it’s easy to find one that’s exec-48-wht-49994-upv2comfortable for you.

The Exec Series also offers more desk space for a wider wingspan, with options that are 40 or 48 inches wide. That means you have plenty of real estate to accommodate multiple monitor setups. Following our “bigger is better” approach, the Exec Series can support an astounding 45 lbs, letting you stay sturdy and solid at any of the 9 different heights.

Innovative Design
Like our best-selling ProPlus Series, the Exec Series has a two-tier design. While the upper display surface is perfect for monitors, laptops, notebooks and coffee mugs, thelower keyboard/mouse deck can house a full-size keyboard, mouse and mouse pad at an ergonomically comfortable height, letting you type in a more natural position below your line of sight.exec60-vs-exec40-v2

It Just Works
There are multiple reasons VARIDESK is one of the highest rated sit-stand desk solutions on Our spring-assisted lifting mechanism lets you go from sitting to standing and back in 3 seconds. The durable materials keep your VARIDESK looking like you just got it. Best of all, VARIDESK ships fully assembled and is ready to use right out of the box. It sits right on top of your current desk, and there’s no installation needed.


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