Fitness at Your Sit-Stand Desk: Some Affordable Accessories

In theory, I like the idea of the treadmill desk. In reality, I can’t afford one. Also,  I occasionally want the option to sit down, I want more flexibility to rearrange my work station every now and then, and… did I mention I can’t afford it? Anyway, for those of us who like to sneak in a little exercise while using our sit-stand desk, here are a few items that come in handy – and they’re waaay more affordable and flexible than a built-in treadmill.

toning shoes

  • Toning shoes – Toning shoes contain mysterious things like “microwobbledboards” and “instability pods” in the soles, but basically these shoes challenge your body to use more muscles to balance while providing ergonomic cushion and support for your feet. Hey, every little bit of muscle activation helps, right? If you don’t mind looking vaguely like a human-amphibian hybrid, you could check out “barefoot” shoes  that claim to be better for balance, strengthening stabilizer muscles, and overall biomechanics.stools
  • A small step stool – This is a dual-use item that can come in handy in either position at your sit-stand desk. When sitting, it makes a great footrest that can help you relieve pressure and improve posture. When standing, you can rest one foot on it (just make sure you switch feet occasionally) or even do some step-ups to burn a few extra calories.

mini stepper

  • A mini stepper or elliptical trainer– If you really want to increase your daily activity and calorie burn, you can incorporate one of these little mini trainers now and then to bump up your step count on the Fitbit! Best of all, you can move it out of the way when you need to, and it’s portable between home and office.


  • Ankle weights– Isn’t Velcro a wonderful thing? It allows you to strap these puppies to your ankles for some leg exercises that you can do either position at your sit-stand desk. Why not tone your hamstrings, glutes and core while answering a few emails?

There are tons of small, subtle ways to sneak in some fitness while you work. We’ve done blog posts before about  yoga poses and desk workouts – check ‘em out and get moving!


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