Good News, Bad News, Robot legs, and a visit from the Bragasaurus

This week’s smorgasbord of links includes bad news about sitting too much, good news about workplace fitness and performance, some comic relief, and a little VARIDESK love for dessert. First, the bad news…

 The Independent has some sobering statistics for couch potatoes – every extra two hours of sitting was associated with a 10% increased chance of several types of cancer. And, once again, the studies indicate that regular exercise won’t help offset the effects of too much sitting.

Okay, now Time for some good news! Those of you who suffer through too many slow, boring meetings will love this Forbes article by a CEO who sings the praises of the standing meeting.

The New Republic highlights recent studies showing that group collaboration works better in non-traditional work settings. Turns out, the “sitting around a conference table” model is slowly but surely becoming outdated.

Ever thought about launching an active workplace initiative at your company? This Richmond, Virginia non-profit is on a quest to make their town the most physically active community in the nation, and I bet they wouldn’t mind if you took some inspiration from them.

This article says standing desks are sooo last week. Exoskeletons are what’s happening. Prepare to be fitted for your new robot legs.

Or, if you need some serious stress relief, consider this latest office trend courtesy of The Onion. (warning: NSFW language)

And finally, allow me to be a bragasaurus for just a minute as I celebrate a few of VARIDESK’s latest triumphs:

VARIDESK at The New Yorker. Aren’t we highbrow!

Our fabulous CEO was featured in Entrepreneur magazine.

And some happy VARIDESK users were featured in this report from WABC news in New York.


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