Is a Height Adjustable Desk comfortable?

Now that we’re in the thick of the standing desk revolution, some people are concerned their height adjustable desk may not be so comfortable anymore after 8 or 9 hours.

Fair enough – in fact, we dare you to talk to a waitress or a nurse about the wonders of your new standing desk while they rub their aching feet. We’ll wager they’re a little less impressed than most of your coworkers at the office. The key to reaping the benefits of a height adjustable desk like VARIDESK lies in the word “adjustable”. The beauty of height adjustable desks is that they give you the option to stand or sit for as long and as often as you choose. It’s all about balance.

Adjustable Height Desk

The best way to maximize your comfort – and therefore maximize your standing time – is to start gradually and take some simple steps to create a standing-friendly workspace.

  • First, wear comfortable shoes that allow you to stand for at least 10 minutes without pain or fatigue. If you just can’t give up those gorgeous new heels, then keep a comfy pair of shoes by your desk that you can slip into when using your height adjustable desk to work… or even go barefoot until it’s time to walk to lunch.
  • If your office has hard floors, consider using a gel or foam mat to minimize foot and back strain.
  • Using an ergonomic chair like an exercise ball or saddle chair will not only make sitting a little healthier, but will also make standing up from the sitting position a much easier, smoother transition.
  • Place whiteboards, message boards, notes, and other frequently used items at standing height to make using your stand up desk more efficient and convenient.

Once you’ve been using a height adjustable desk for a while, you’ll find a schedule and a strategy that will assist you in your ongoing quest to avoid sitting disease. If you’ve adopted a special strategy or found a helpful accessory that makes your standing time more enjoyable, let us know about it!


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