Kick App at your Standing Desk

So, let’s say you’ve got your new standing desk and you’re feeling all healthy and smart, and you’re looking around at your sedentary coworkers with the requisite amount of pity… and then you realize you’ve been sitting down for 3 hours straight, your back looks like a question mark and your brain feels like oatmeal. Standing desk FAIL.


Here’s the thing about standing desks: they only work if you use them. Believe me, I know it’s easy to get engrossed in a project (or a game of Words With Friends… whatever) and forget to take frequent standing breaks. That’s where the VARIDESK companion app comes in! Why rely on your notoriously unreliable brain for something when you can have an app do it for you?

If you’ve already got the VARIDESK app – it’s time to update. If you don’t have it because you’re on a MAC – it’s time to download the new MAC-friendly version.

The new-and-improved VARIDESK app:

–          Sends you reminder alerts for sitting and standing time

–          Tracks calories burned so you can see what a difference standing makes

–          Lets you enter your personal stats for accurate calorie burn tracking

–          Lets you customize your sitting and standing times and adjust as needed

The only thing it doesn’t have yet is a feature that occasionally tells you how talented, good looking and smart you are.  I’m working on that….


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