Links We Love: Standing Desk User Tips, Funny Stories and Tooting Our Own Horn

Time for another weekly linkapalooza! If you need a little comic relief today, you’ve come to the right blog. We’ve compiled some great recommendations and funny stories, and topped it all off with a few bragalicious links to recent VARIDESK news and reviews. Enjoy!

  •  This blog post from the “Sports Doc” at has some great tips and recommendations for transitioning from a regular to a standing desk. Please notice that the desk he recommends, while effective, has certain limitations (price, size, convenience) that don’t apply to a certain sit-stand desk that I prefer.
  • Our neighbors to the North are working to curb sitting disease in their workplaces as well. “I tried quitting but I can’t stop sitting” is a great article about the standing desk trials and tribulations of The Globe and Mail’s career advice writer.
  • This guy is rebelling against the standing desk in an entirely creative and hilarious way. Behold, the recliner desk chair! Standing will help you get through the afternoon “sleepies” – but if you’d rather just go with it, this is the ultimate nap-at-your-desk solution!
  • If you think back spasms are hilarious (and who doesn’t?) you should read this funny post from Mark Morford at SFGate. “Stand up or Die Trying” covers some pretty familiar territory for those of you with back pain issues. Just try not to throw your back out when you’re laughing.
  • More in the mood for tragedy than comedy? Check out this uplifting article about how working in an office is aging you faster! Don’t worry, they’re all easily fixable problems. I knew those fluorescent bulbs were evill!
  • And finally, for the bragging portion of today’s program, I’d like to point you to some of the great reviews VARIDESK has been getting! Thank you Men’s Journal, Looks Like Homemade, Paul Schwager, PhD., and IT Business Canada!

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