New Product Spotlight: Cube Plus 40 & 48, Pro Desk 48 and Laptop 22

Cube Plus, Pro Desk, Laptop 22

Whether you’re a standing desk pro or considering a new way to work for the first time, VARIDESK has a ton of different options and standing desk solutions!

Today, we’re spotlighting a few of our newest products so you can choose your next VARIDESK with confidence.

Cube Plus 40 and 48

Cube Plus 40 and 48

The cubicle was designed to maximize office space, but what if you could also maximize your productivity and comfort while working in one?

That thinking led us to design our Cubicle series – a variety of configurations designed to fit perfectly into most standard-sized cubes or modular spaces, including corner setups.

Both the Cube Plus 40 and 48 hold up to 35 lbs. and fit on top of most desks. The 48 model adds eight additional inches to your desk space and works seamlessly with a dual monitor setup.

Visit us here for more on these desks and to purchase one for yourself.

Pro Desk 48

Pro Desk 48

Replace your old desk with our freestanding, ready-for-action Pro Desk. We offer the Pro Desk 48 model in three colors: black, white and butcher block, so your choice matches your office every time.

This model is perfect for hitting the ground running! The desk sets up in about 5 minutes without tools and goes from sitting to standing in 3 seconds.

Learn more about this option or purchase one for yourself here.

Laptop 22

Rounding out our list is the Laptop 22 which is the lightest, most portable model yet! This model holds up to 15 lbs. to easily support a laptop, mouse or more and has three custom height settings to adjust to any setup with ease.

The Laptop 22 also folds down to just 3/4-inches flat and comes equipped with a canvas bag and carry handle, making it easy to carry to a class presentation or impromptu meeting.

You can learn more about this model here.

Thanks for joining us as we explored our newest products. Let us know if you like something you saw in the comments!


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