Our 10 Favorite Makeshift Standing Desks: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Before VARIDESK came along, you had to have a fat wallet or a huge office to consider any of the standing desk solutions on the market.

Regular folks were looking for a way to combat sitting disease without catching broke disease – so they got creative. Not everyone looks at a weight machine or a radiator and sees a standing desk, but not everyone can have the uncommon vision and ingenuity of these Do It Yourselfers!

1. Radiator Standing Desk

Radiator desk

Something tells me this person works in their underwear a lot.

2. Everything’s a Standing Desk!

everything desk

A bookshelf desk, a stack-of-books-on-a-music-stand desk, a funky metal robot-thingy desk… this man is a mad genius!

3. Weight Machine Standing Desk

weightmachine desk

Give a geek a weight machine….

4. Cardboard Box Standing Desk

cardboard box desk

The neighbor never got her new slice-o-matic , but this guy got a new standing desk.

5. Paper Stand Up Desk

paper desk

Multi-System paper turns out to be Multi-functional as well

6. Speaker Standing Desk

speaker desk

Easy on the bass bro.

7. Cooler Stand Up Desk

cooler desk

Guess who’s hosting happy hour today!

8. Copy Paper Box Stand Up Desk

copy paper box

Makin’ copies

9. Wall Shelf Standing Desk

wall shelf desk

Standing Desk? Modern Art? Who’s to say?

10. Desk Booster

desk booster

The really, reeeallly low-tech solution

Have you created your own standing desk solution? Send us pics and tell us about it! Or, if you have a VARIDESK and you’ve decorated it or tricked it out in some interesting way, we’d love to see that too – we believe standing more often not only makes you healthier, but more creative too.


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