Sitting Disease – Great Infographic

We came across this great infographic on laying out some of the complications that sitting disease is causing modern society.

The issues caused by sitting too frequently during the day are becoming increasingly well documented, and the stats below start to quantify the threat that sitting disease has to your employees health and well-being.

The American Journal of Epidemiology did a study in 2010 on the correlation between sitting and an individual’s physical health. In the study, 53,440 men and 69,776 women were queried on time spent sitting and physical activity. The subjects were all disease free at enrollment. The authors identified 11,307 deaths in men and 7,923 deaths in women during the 14-year follow-up.

The findings: Women who reported sitting for more than six hours during their leisure time versus less than three hours a day had an approximately 40% higher all-cause death rate, and men had an approximately 20% higher death rate.

Sitting disease is something that we can combat. The VARIDESK range of standing desks is a perfect solution that allows individuals to stand and work at their computer during a working day. Our full range of VARIDESK is available on our main website for delivery across the United States.

Sitting Is Killing You

Matt Carson

Matt Carson

Matt Carson has worked on VARDIESK since the inception of the product line. He has worked across many product lines that have been focused on providing great equipment for the modern office.

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