Stand Up Australia – What You Need to Know

60 Minutes Australia: Stand Up Australia

In this recent 60 Minutes Australia program, Michael Usher takes us from Melbourne, to D.C., to Silicon Valley and back following people affected by something we often do for more hours a day than we spend sleeping: sitting. According to research revealed in the program, we spend about 9.4 hours per day in a chair, in the car, or on the couch; while we only sleep, on average, for about 7.3 hours.

For decades, we haven’t given much thought to the activity that consumes most of our day. However, it’s hard to ignore the research that is now flooding in, proving that we may be killing ourselves just by spending too much time on our backsides.

Here are some of the most compelling facts from the report:

  • The latest research reveals that sitting is as bad as smoking.

  • Strong evidence links high amounts of sitting to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, some cancers, and an increased risk of early death.

  • A recent study involving 200,000 people surveyed over three years found sitting for 11 hours or more per day could increase the risk of death by 40%, compared to those who only sat for four hours a day.

  • As soon as you sit down, the enzymes that help break down fat drop by 90%. Insulin effectiveness and good cholesterol drops, blood pressure rises, your leg muscles switch off, and pressure is placed on your neck and spine.

  • With prolonged sitting, blood clots are more likely to form in the brain.

  • Those with desk jobs have twice the rate of heart disease as those with active jobs.

  • Colon and breast cancer have been linked to excessive sitting and having a sedentary lifestyle.

How can you combat the negative effects of sitting? Using a standing desk is a great start. The program has some other useful tips for getting active, like implementing walking meetings, apps that remind you to get moving at work, and more.



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