Hot Topics: The Stand Up Desk, Sitting Disease, and Health in the Modern Office

It’s hard to keep up with all that’s being written lately about stand up desks, sitting disease, and making the modern workplace healthier. So here’s a brief roundup of some good reads that we highly recommend.

  • Sitting disease is so 2013. All the kewl kidz now have “Silicon Valley Syndrome”.  According to a study conducted by “personal posture trainer” startup Lumoback, 60% of us are suffering from what they call Silicon Valley Syndrome (what the rest of us call sitting disease). Guess what? A Stand up desk can help. Also, Lumoback looks like a cool little gadget.
  • Meanwhile, across the pond… The ‘Get Britain Standing’ campaign is highlighting a variety of international studies in the last 10 years that provide compelling evidence that sedentary lifestyles pose many health risks. A furniture industry ergonomist points out the importance of breaking the misconception that “if you are not sitting at your desk with your head down, you cannot be working.” It’s true. In fact, many stand up desk users say they feel more productive when standing and when they take frequent breaks.
  •  *Sigh* I’m afraid I may never stop seeing variations on this article. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny and engaging and includes some great tips on how not to die. In fact, it features some killer hip stretches that I’ve added to my fitness routine, but it’s also another “I tried standing ALL THE TIME at my stand up desk and I didn’t like it –plus, standing too much is bad for you” article. For the 8 zillionth time, (say it with me) – the key is to strike a balance between sitting, standing, and movement. He actually makes a great case for sit-stand desks!
  • It’s not just sniffling coworkers you have to watch out for, this interesting article looks at some of the other common aspects of the modern work environment that may be making us sick. Memo to business owners and CEOs: the “open office” concept that was supposed to lead to creativity, collaboration, innovation, unicorns and rainbows? Yeah, not so much.



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