Standing up desks work – They make you active at work

Standing up deskStanding up desks work and are set to completely change the way people work. Standing up at times during your working day is better for you, and will be beneficial to your health. This was the original premise behind the design and development of the VARIDESK.

We looked at studies that came from the Max Planck Institute for human health, coverage in the New York Times on whether sitting is a lethal activity, and finally from James Levine of the Mayo Clinic. All conclude that standing up desks work and will change the way you work.

“On a grand scale, the chair-sentence (being sentenced to too much sitting) of modern American offices has been associated with marked increases in diabetes, blood pressure problems, cancer, heart attacks and death. Most likely if you are working in an American office, you are sitting too much. Currently, the default at work is sitting. We need the default to be standing.”

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Matt Carson

Matt Carson

Matt Carson has worked on VARDIESK since the inception of the product line. He has worked across many product lines that have been focused on providing great equipment for the modern office.

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