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Benefits of a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

If you work in an office, chance are you’ve seen, or at least heard of, standing desks. Thought height-adjustable desks are revolutionizing the way people work today, many are still unsure of the benefits of standing. However, by using a height-adjustable sit-stand desk, studies have shown you can increase productivity [1], reduce your risk of […]
Standing Desk Exec 40 VARIDESK

Why VARIDESK Stands Above Other Sit-Stand Desks

Same Problem, Different Solutions So you’re thinking of upgrading the way you work with a sit-stand desk, but you’ve come to a realization: you don’t know what kind of height adjustable desk to get. There are dozens of options, all different shapes, sizes, finishes, configurations, and vastly different levels of skill needed to assemble them. […]
Standing desks can make employees happier

Top 5 Reasons to Add Standing Desks to your Office

Like many office managers, you may be wondering if standing desks would be a welcome addition to your workspace. This is a decision that you may find difficult to make. After all, it affects dozens or even hundreds of people who rely on you to run a smooth operation. Purchasing standing desks for your office […]
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5 Benefits of Standing Desks

Living a modern lifestyle means sitting more frequently than ever before. Computers, television, automobiles – all are modern niceties that force us off our feet for a majority of the day. While they afford a certain level of comfort, excessive sitting is actually doing more harm than good. Deemed “Sitting Disease” by experts, the effects of […]
Standing Desk Exercise

Burn More Calories with a Standing Desk

Your ability to burn calories at a faster rate is one of the many benefits of using a standing desk. Check out our infographic to find out just how big of an impact you can make on your overall health in only the course of a year simply by using a sit/stand workstation!