VARIDESK App and Personal Fitness Devices

Sitting Disease (aka “The cubicle killer”) is on everyone’s mind these days in both the business and tech worlds. Devices like Fitbit, Larklife, and Nike’s FuelBand are the latest must-have gadgets, and height adjustable desks are popping up (so to speak) in offices across the country. The national consensus seems to be: “It’s time to get moving!”

VARIDESK AppThe combination of high-tech devices and low-tech solutions like VARIDESK could turn out to be a match made in heaven. However, at this time, none of the personal fitness devices mentioned above come with a “coach” feature that prompts you to achieve certain personalized goals (like sitting for fewer hours per day). Luckily, VARIDESK comes with its own companion app that gives you reminder alerts throughout the day that prompt you to sit or stand, and it includes a calculator that lets you track your calories burned throughout the day.

All you do is download the free app from the VARIDESK website, go into settings and enter your weight, desired sitting time and desired standing time – and let the app do its thing! It will automatically count the number of calories burned during your workday as you alternate between sitting and standing.

Keep in mind that non-exercise movement – like what you engage in while standing at your desk – counts toward your overall movement for the day. This non-exercise movement (also known as NEAT) can really add up to more calorie-burning than you might think over the course of a typical day. For instance, we know that standing requires about 20% more energy than sitting, and with these new fitness gadgets, you’ll be able to see what a difference that makes when you check your stats at the end of the day.

Perhaps the best reason to have a fitness tracking device or an adjustable desk is that having one makes you more likely to stand up for your health.


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