VARIDESK® Launches New Standing Desk Companion Application

VARIDESK, a global leader in affordable, height-adjustable standing desks, has released an updated version of its product companion app with more features and improved usability for desktops and mobile devices.

Available as a free download, the companion app is best used in concert with the VARIDESK standing desk. The core functionality alerts the user when it is time to stand or sit with an adjustable timer. The improved app continues to guide users on sit and stand time intervals with more interface and utility options.


New app features include:

  • Selectable pop-up window size – choose from small, medium or large
  • Window mobility – drag the app window anywhere on your desktop
  • Minimize options – manual control to minimize the app window, or minimize automatically with a timer
  • Pause and resume function – easily pause or resume your sit or stand countdown timer at the push of a button
  • Session calculation – keep track of your total time spent sitting and standing, as well as the number of calories burned during each session
  • Settings shortcut – change the settings on the app quickly with a ‘one-click’ settings display

The VARIDESK app is also available for mobile devices through the Google and Apple app stores. Download the desktop version here: For more information about VARIDESK standing desks, visit:


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