Washington Post: Standing Desks are Becoming the “New Normal” in Office Life

This recent Washington Post article takes a look at the standing desk “trend” as it quickly becomes a more common aspect of everyday work life – even comparing standing desk use to seatbelt use a few decades ago. VARIDESK president, Jason McCann, shared some insight into this phenomenon pointing out that “It always starts with a lone soldier, who inspires a platoon and, eventually, a whole army”.

We’ve been watching this thing we call the “Standing Revolution” spread like wild fire through offices across the world for some time now. When we first launched in 2012, the idea of standing at your desk was still a foreign concept to most people. Thanks to increased media coverage and scientific research about sitting disease, we’ve seen a big change in the way people are viewing standing desks.

It’s been a great to be a part of this growing trend as it becomes the “new normal” and playing a key role in changing the way people work!


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