European Companies Weighing Costs and Benefits of Standing Desk Workplaces

Look out U.S. businesses –according to this BBC news article, many European companies are considering making standing desks a standard workplace feature. In fact, according to the article, “Denmark has just made it mandatory for employers to offer their staff sit-stand desks.” For most of the businesses considering the change to standing desks, their main obstacle is cost:

“But when it comes to the average office, reducing sitting is a huge challenge. It means rethinking architecture, spending a lot of money, changing the office routine. Adjustable sit-stand desks can cost many hundreds of pounds.”

I’m sure this won’t surprise you, but here’s where I’d like to point out that a retrofit option like VARIDESK would fit seamlessly into the existing architecture and design of their current office with no need for expensive moving costs and installation costs – not to mention the loss of employee time and productivity. Plus, VARIDESK costs less than all the standing desk models mentioned in the article – and we do ship abroad!

The other obstacle they mention is the reality that some employees prefer to work from their comfy chair thank-you-very-much and don’t want to stand up at work. Again, VARIDESK to the rescue!  Choice, choice, choice – that’s the name of the game with this kind of sweeping change. Give employees the option of a standing desk without forcing them to use it if they don’t want to.

Since we’re all about personal choice here in the states, I don’t think a mandate like Denmark’s would fly on this side of the pond. However, if, as many studies suggest, excessive sitting really is as bad as smoking, do you think employers have an obligation to offer their employees a standing option? We’ll be interested to hear your take on it.


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