10 Tips for Staying Healthy at the Office This Summer

10 Tips for Staying Healthy at the Office This Summer

With the arrival of summer, schedules are packed with pool parties, backyard barbecues and beach trips leaving less time to hit the gym.

If you’re looking to stay trim despite a hectic schedule, you’ll love our list of the top ten ways to stay fit at the office.

Tip 1 – Banish excess fat, sugar & salt

Your waistline is no match for cupcakes and chips that have taken over your office’s kitchen. While you can’t control what snacks your coworkers bring to the office, you can put them away in the fridge or a cabinet. Out of sight, out of mind!

 Tip 2 – Kick your soda habit to the curb

A soda habit can quickly put a damper on weight loss efforts. For a healthy alternative without sacrificing the fizz, opt for sparkling water. The meteoric rise of brands like La Croix and Topo Chico prove that it’s the effervescent sparkle, not the sugar, that helps beat an afternoon slump.

Tip 3 – Check your posture

Whether you’re standing or sitting at your desk, posture is important! Make sure your feet are pointing forward and your back isn’t arched over the desk.

 Tip 4 – Get outside

During warmer months, the sun stays out longer so you can, too. Take advantage of more hours of sunlight and hit the beach on a summer Friday, join a local yoga practice or take the dogs to the park after work.

 Tip 5 – Take your meeting to the streets

Conference rooms are so 2016. Squeeze in a few extra steps by taking your next meeting outside or to a local coffee shop.

Tip 6 – Stay hydrated

It’s common knowledge that being dehydrated can wreak havoc on your body. From debilitating fatigue to increased cravings, skimping out on water, especially when temperatures are soaring, can lead to decreased productivity. Keep a reusable water bottle at your desk and sip throughout the day to ensure you are always adequately hydrated.

Tip 7 – Grab a brown bag

Buying lunch at the local sandwich shop can have a negative impact on your wallet and your waistline. Try packing lunch a few times a week with healthy, fresh ingredients. If they are available in your area, local farmers’ markets are a great way to source cheap, local produce.

 Tip 8 – Plan a summer recipe showdown

Get the whole office involved in your summer fitness goals! Encourage your coworkers to bring their favorite healthy recipes on Friday so everyone can share, compare notes and stay healthy together.

Tip 9 – Take a lap

…Around the office! Burn off a few calories while you give your brain and eyes a break by taking a lap or two around the office.

Tip 10 – Stand up

Last but certainly not least, utilize a VARIDESK and stand up while you work! You won’t believe how quickly standing at the office can #ElevateYourWork.

Do you have a hot tip for staying fit we didn’t list? Leave us a note in the comments!


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