Adjustable Height Desk – This year’s hottest gift?

My “go to” gift this year will be an adjustable height desk from VARIDESK. I don’t know about you, but I have a couple of people on my Christmas list that I dread shopping for. C’mon, be honest – we all have someone for whom a gift card or a fruitcake (depending on how much we like them) is the only present we can think of. This year, I’ll be buying that person an adjustable height desk, and they’ll love it, and I’ll be a holiday hero. Perhaps even a superhero (I have a stunning pair of tights and a cape all ready to go)

adjustable height desk

Merry Fitness! Give the gift of an adjustable height desk!

So who on your list needs and adjustable height desk? Here are a few possibilities:

The workaholic sister:

She’s impossible to shop for because she already has everything and only wants things you can’t afford. Instead of a gift card to that high-end spa, get her a VARIDESK. (and maybe a pair of slippers to replace her high heels at work) Her back will thank you.

The fitness friend:

He’s annoyingly buff and healthy, but you still love him to pieces and want to surprise him with something unexpected. He doesn’t even realize he’s got sitting disease, but he does know that standing burns more calories than sitting and that’s the part he’ll love!

The techie hipster nephew:

All he needs to know is that the cool people at the cool companies are using adjustable height desks. Case closed.

The doctor and/or engineer in your life:

A gift that appeals to their logical and scientific nature with studies, health data and articles that proclaim is awesomeness and eminently useful qualities? Experts agree: gift giving victory.

I’m not the only one giving VARIDESK this year – “Mr. Bicep” featured it in his gift recommendations too!

And, don’t forget – if you want to play Secret Santa for someone this year, just enter our VARIDESK Secret Santa contest and let us know why you think they’re the perfect candidate for a holiday surprise.

Merry Fitness and Happy Gifting!


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