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Ugh, making a New Year’s Resolution.  How much do you dread it – a lot, or a whole lot? Who started this tradition anyway? I’ll tell you who – some zero-body-fat, vegetable-eating, healthy self-esteem-having, morning person with a nauseatingly happy relationship, no bad habits and an abundance of willpower and self-control. The rest of us are just gonna fake it til we make it.

So what does this have to do with VARIDESK? Well, it can make your New Year’s resolution this easy: “This year I’m going to stand more and sit less.” Boom!

adjustable height desk  I don’t know about you, but I’ve made some resolutions that didn’t quite work out:

“I’m going to be nicer to myself this year.” (Positive, but too vague. Bought this slanket and called it a day.)

“I’m going to go to the gym more this year.” (No. No you’re not.)

“I’m going to enjoy life more this year” (I did! I also gained weight, went into debt and woke up hungover a lot)

“I’m going to learn something new” (My goal was a foreign language, but I settled for scarf tying.)

Here’s the deal on resolutions: They’re easier to keep if they’re specific, with targeted goals. You could even narrow it down to exactly how many hours you want to stand and sit each day, or target exactly how many calories you want to burn per day by standing at your VARIDESK.  The other key to success is making it as easy as possible to stick to your goal. Most likely, you have to go to work or use your computer almost every day anyway, so that means you have a built-in daily opportunity to work toward your goal.

I’m feeling good about my chances for keeping my resolution this year.  I’ve got my VARIDESK all set up and ready to go, I’m using my FREE desktop app, and I’ve wrangled some coworkers into joining me in my “stand more, sit less” vision quest. I’ll save the gym and the foreign language for next year when I’m happier and healthier thanks to “2014 – Year of the VARIDESK”.


Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is passionate about working with companies with great product lines that make a positive difference to peoples lives. He has been working with VARIDESK to help launch and market their brand and message online.

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