Relieve Back Pain with the VARIDESK 2015 Standing Desk Gift Guide

Standing desk gifts from VARIDESK

If a loved one on your holiday shopping list suffers from back pain, consider treating him or her to one of these sit/stand desks from VARIDESK. Studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing throughout your work day can help to reduce back pain. One of these products might just be the relief that your loved one needs this year.

Standing Desks for Small Spaces and Small Budgets

Laptop Standing Desk VARIDESK SohoThe VARIDESK Soho is compact, lightweight and easily converts into a standing position to help relieve back pain. With a footprint of just 31 inches in width and 14 inches in depth, it is just the right size for a laptop or tablet. This model pops up or folds down in just seconds so it’s easy to work either sitting or standing virtually anywhere – perfect for helping your loved one ease their back pain no matter where they need to set up shop.

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Standing Desk Monitor ArmsStanding Desk Accessories: Dual Monitor Arms

VARIDESK Dual Monitor Arms lets users adjust their monitors in any position needed to help lessen back pain through optimal ergonomic placement. Each arm can handle up to 19.8 pounds and the fully articulating design moves effortlessly in all directions. Neck straining and upper back tension will be a thing of the past with this easily adjustable monitor accessory.

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Standing Desk for CubiclesStanding Desks for Cubicles

Cubicle life can wreak havoc on your loved one’s back, and the VARIDESK Cube Corner 36 White is the perfect holiday gift to help ease the pain associated with over-sitting. Like all VARIDESK models, it sits on top of an existing desk so there is no complicated assembly or installation required. With ample desktop space and a flexible arrangement, the Cube Corner 36 White will be a welcome addition to your loved one’s office for years to come.

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Standing Desk VARIDESK Pro Plus 36Standing Desks with Large Workspaces
VARIDESK’s bestselling model, the Pro Plus 36, is a standing desk that will accommodate any professional with back or neck pain who wants a large standing workstation without sacrificing space. It easily converts from a sitting position to a standing position, has the capacity for dual monitors and can effortlessly move up to 35 lbs. up and down in seconds. The Pro Plus 36 sits on top of an existing desk, so the installation process is quick and easy. Encourage your loved one to adopt this desk into his or her life, and say goodbye to back pain!

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Tall Standing Desks

Standing Desk VARIDESK Exec 48Bad posture derived from having to bend over or lean while working can be a cause of back and neck pain for the tall person in your life. Thankfully, the VARIDESK Exec 48 White is a standing desk designed for people 6’1” and taller – it adjusts 23 inches above an existing desktop. The Executive Series holds up to 45 pounds, raises and lowers effortlessly and is stable even when fully extended. This solid, well-designed standing desk will deliver the pain relief your Executive deserves at a price point you can afford.

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Give the gift of pain relief this holiday season with a standing desk from VARIDESK.


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