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How to Sit Properly Between Sessions of Standing at Your Varidesk

While we pride ourselves in being able to change the way you work with the Varidesk, we know that there are times when you will have to sit. And in our move towards healthy living, we believe it’s vital that you’re able to sit properly and with good posture. This not only improves the condition […]
Exercises for the office worker

Healthy Living Behind Your Desk – Exercises for the Office Worker

The Desk Jockey habits of office life are seemingly unavoidable. With most of us working 8-9 hours a day, sitting at a desk in front of a computer or paperwork, we’re forced into long period of stillness. These habits can negatively affect our body’s health, as we absent-mindedly snack while we work or fail to […]

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide from Sitting Disease

If you’re a runner, congratulations – you have a lot more discipline than me and you’re probably in great shape. So, no need to worry about sitting disease, right? Not so fast there, marathon man. Even though we’ve talked about this subject a lot on our blog, it’s pretty cool to see a bastion of […]

Get Moving This Movember with VARIDESK

Hey guys, get that mustache in gear and celebrate Movember with (what else?) a little movement! This cool animated video by Dr. Mike addresses how sitting disease affects men’s health and how even small lifestyle changes (like using VARIDESK) can make a big difference.  So, grow that ‘stache, take the 30-day pledge, and get moving! […]
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Why Are Stand-Sit Desks Becoming More Common in the Workplace?

When it comes to being a stand-up guy in the workplace, the proliferation of the stand up desk has certainly helped in this regard. With individuals becoming more and more health conscious, and the results of the negative effects of sitting readily available across the World Wide Web, it’s no wonder that there’s been a […]

The Stand Up Desk User’s Best Friend: The Anti-Fatigue Mat

We’ve covered ergonomic office chairs and adorable miniature office accessories, so now let’s review what many would argue is the most important stand up desk accessory of all – the anti-fatigue mat. Just about every testimonial from a new stand up desk user includes a “my feet and/or back were killing me, so I got […]
Sitting Disease

Students are Learning the Benefits of Standing Desks

Office employees aren’t the only ones going for gold in the Sitting Olympics, students really give them a run – a sit? – for their money. Endless hours spent reading, studying, and pretending to listen to lectures while tweeting will really rack up some lethal sitting time. So, we were glad to see this feature […]

VARIDESK Pro is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Well, it’s official – the VARIDESK Pro is a solution to a modern day health issue. Prolonged sitting is now recognized as a health hazard by the American Medical Association. The L.A. Times reports that the AMA adopted a new policy on sitting in the workplace at their recent annual policy meeting in Chicago. Citing […]

VARIDESK App and Personal Fitness Devices

Sitting Disease (aka “The cubicle killer”) is on everyone’s mind these days in both the business and tech worlds. Devices like Fitbit, Larklife, and Nike’s FuelBand are the latest must-have gadgets, and height adjustable desks are popping up (so to speak) in offices across the country. The national consensus seems to be: “It’s time to […]

Stand Up Desks Benefits – Lowering Your Company’s Health Care Costs

In what way could stand up desks benefits help your company? According to, U.S. workforce illnesses and injuries costs American employers $576 billion annually. The Integrated Benefits Institute did the research that came up with that amount and they say that $227 billion of that cost “is from ‘lost productivity’ from employee absenteeism due […]


No, that title is not the world’s worst slogan. NEAT refers to Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – a term coined by researcher Dr. James Levine to refer to the energy expended for everything we do outside of sleeping, eating and deliberate exercise. Even the most routine daily activities – like fidgeting, typing or doing dishes – […]

Going Beyond Exercise with VARIDESK

If you run 5 miles a day – good for you! Perhaps you bench press 200 pounds and sport a black belt in judo – well done! Maybe you bend and stretch your way to nirvana in a daily yoga practice – namaste! Unfortunately, if you spend most of your non-workout time sitting on your […]
The Varidesk Adjustable Height Desk

CVS Caremark Adopts Controversial Employee Health Policy

It’s not unusual for companies to make changes in their policies in order to lower health insurance costs – especially in the recent environment of rising healthcare costs. Incentives and discounts are usually the preferred approach to encouraging employees to stay healthy. However, starting this month, CVS Caremark will try a more controversial strategy. Employees will be […]
Sitting is bad for your health

Studies show sitting is bad for your health

Sitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death, researchers suggest. The scientists from Leicester and Loughborough Universities say harm is done even if people also exercise. The study, published in Diabetologia, analyzed 18 existing studies involving almost 800,000 people. Diabetes UK said anyone who spent a lot of time sitting […]

Use a Stand up Desk in the office to lose weight

Stand up desks recommended to benefit your health in a news article from the BBC published on January 9th 2013. Office workers trapped behind their desks all day should push away their chairs and work standing up, recommends an exercise scientist. Standing up for three hours extra a day would burn off 8lb (3.6kg) of […]