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Spending the Day with Forbes

Jason McCann | CEO, VARIDESK Over the years, I have talked to thousands of organizations and individuals that purchase VARIDESK products. What I found to be true, which was no surprise, is people care deeply about the wellbeing of their employees. What is also becoming apparent are the tangible and intangible benefits an active workspace […]

Why You Should Be Using an Anti-Fatigue Mat at your Standing Desk

Standing desk users usually name anti-fatigue mats as their #1 must-have accessory – not a luxury, a necessity!  If you’re standing for several hours a day (especially on a hard floor), using a mat is the best way to protect your body from common ailments like “ouch my back” and “oh, my aching feet!” . […]

Washington Post: Standing Desks are Becoming the “New Normal” in Office Life

This recent Washington Post article takes a look at the standing desk “trend” as it quickly becomes a more common aspect of everyday work life – even comparing standing desk use to seatbelt use a few decades ago. VARIDESK president, Jason McCann, shared some insight into this phenomenon pointing out that “It always starts with […]
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Hot Topics: The Stand Up Desk, Sitting Disease, and Health in the Modern Office

It’s hard to keep up with all that’s being written lately about stand up desks, sitting disease, and making the modern workplace healthier. So here’s a brief roundup of some good reads that we highly recommend. Sitting disease is so 2013. All the kewl kidz now have “Silicon Valley Syndrome”.  According to a study conducted […]

European Companies Weighing Costs and Benefits of Standing Desk Workplaces

Look out U.S. businesses –according to this BBC news article, many European companies are considering making standing desks a standard workplace feature. In fact, according to the article, “Denmark has just made it mandatory for employers to offer their staff sit-stand desks.” For most of the businesses considering the change to standing desks, their main […]

Oscar Health Insurance Joins Standing Revolution with VARIDESK

This news clip isn’t about VARIDESK, but it does make it clear that standing desks aren’t just for tech startups and Silicon Valley. The video features ‘Oscar‘, an insurance company with lots of VARIDESK users in their NYC office – check out all those standing employees in the background! We’re glad to have Oscar as […]
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The latest office fad: ‘stand up while you work’. But would you ever do it?

We’re of two minds about this review of VARIDESK in The Telegraph. We like the part where she praises VARIDESK for its health benefits and functionality, but then we’re a little dismayed over her doubt that our less extroverted counterparts across the pond will use a standing desk if it means sticking out – literally […]

Varidesk Review: Stop sitting and start standing while you work

Dai Manuel is the super-fit guy behind the “Moose is Loose” health and fitness blog and a newly minted VARIDESK fan! We’re so thrilled he likes our product because if a health guru like Dai is in our corner, we know we’re doing something right. Not only will he make you want to get a […]

Lifehacker: Five Best Standing Desks – VARIDESK Pro Makes the List!

Last week, Lifehacker – the go-to site for tips, tricks and downloads that make your life easier – asked their users to nominate their favorite standing desk. VARIDESK Pro made the top five! Users touted its versatility, portability, ease of use, sturdy design, and other great features. In fact, in their current poll of all […]
geekbeat Reviews VARIDESK in Their Standing Desk Roundup!

We’re ready for our close-up! VARIDESK made it’s debut in this “Standing Desk Roundup”. We’re grateful for the positive review and happy to see so many orders coming in based on John and Cali’s feature. Please note that of all the great models they reviewed, VARIDESK is the only full-sized retrofit solution that lets […]
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VARIDESK: “The Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread”!

Joanne Wilcox at the health blog Apple Crumbles is so impressed with VARIDESK that she called it “the greatest invention since sliced bread”! If you’ve ever tried to eat a sandwich using an entire loaf of bread, then you know that is high praise indeed. Check out her whole review and all the great health […]
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Varidesk Pro Review – Standing Desks Improve Productivity

Mel Carson is a social media consultant and tech industry veteran, which also means he clocks his fair share of desk time. So, we were very happy to see that he’s a VARIDESK fan and using his social media prowess to sing our praises on his blog! Mel has “seen the light” about standing desks […]
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VARIDESK Tops the 15 Must-Have Cool Office Gadgets and Accessories from

Guess who topped the list of “15 Must-Have Cool Office Gadgets and Accessories” from Yep, VARIDESK for the win! Check it out by clicking on the image below:

A VARIDESK for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, so we hope you’ve already ordered those flowers and made those dinner reservations. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to chocolates, why not give the apple of your eye a standing desk workstation? Well, as always, we’re here to help — we’re giving away a VARIDESK standing desk […]
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UberApparatus features VARIDESK in Their Tech Section

We are uber-excited that featured VARIDESK in their tech section. Like us, they have jobs that keep them in front of a computer most of the time, so it’s no wonder they like the health benefits VARIDESK has to offer. In fact, we’re listed right after a wearable technology item that would help you […]
affordable standing desk option Recommends VARIDESK as an Affordable Standing Desk Option

Check it out! VARIDESK got some techie love from the folks over at who were searching for an affordable standing desk option. In this article about how standing desks can benefit kids as well as adults, they recommended VARIDESK Pro as an affordable standing desk option. Cash-strapped college students, take note! Click on the […]
Cult of Mac VARIDESK Review

Cult of Mac Reviews VARIDESK!

Cult of Mac reviews VARIDESK as an affordable standing desk option! “All in all, it’s a solid, mid-range alternative to DIY solutions or luxe motorized options that retails for an approachable $275. Another plus: it requires no assembly, since all you have to do is to take it out of the box and drop it […]
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Article Features VARIDESK as Affordable Standing Desk Option

We came across a great article today discussing different standing desk options and were pleasantly surprised to see VARIDESK mentioned as an affordable standing desk option! In the article in mentions the Mayo Clinic study that shows standing increases blood flow which helps to burn more calories. It goes on to explain that was the […]
Cedarlane Varidesk review

A Standing Resolution: VARIDESK Review!

Was standing more a part of your New Years Resolution? It was for Whizbang, a magazine editor, who writes about her initial experience using the VARIDESK. She says she’s had a whole parade of folks tour her office to see it and that she thinks she “may have started a trend”. It’s not too late […]

ALI (Art Licensing International) Team Makes a “Stand” Towards a Healthy Lifestyle with VARIDESK

Art Licensing International has developed into one of the leading commercial licensing companies in the world. Their CEO heard their requests for an option to stand up while working and ordered them VARIDESK. In their latest blog post,  The ALI  Team Makes a “Stand” Towards a Healthy Lifestyle, they discuss the transition to their new VARIDESK’s. […]