NetbookCrunch Reviews VARIDESK

NetbookCrunch says “The VARIDESK Pro will work just fine in your office.” Check out their full review here:
Bruce Pechman Cyber Monday VARIDESK

Bruce Pechman Suggests Giving the Gift of Fitness with VARIDESK

Bruce Pechman features VARIDESK as a great gift idea on his Cyber Monday segment on Good Morning San Diego! Check out the full segment here:

VARIDESK Featured in MacWorld

MacWorld Magazine features VARIDESK as a “Simple way to stand” in its December issue! Pick up an issue and check us out on page 63!  
SkyMall Ad

VARIDESK Review: Ergonomic Desks for a Healthier Workforce

Mini Swamy reviews VARIDESK in her article on In her article she claims that “with the kind of response it’s getting, VARIDESK and models like it may well be the ‘future’ of many more work environments.” Check out her full article here:  

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide from Sitting Disease

If you’re a runner, congratulations – you have a lot more discipline than me and you’re probably in great shape. So, no need to worry about sitting disease, right? Not so fast there, marathon man. Even though we’ve talked about this subject a lot on our blog, it’s pretty cool to see a bastion of […]

VARIDESK is in Men’s Health November Issue

Check out our Ad in the November issue of Men’s Health!

Get Moving This Movember with VARIDESK

Hey guys, get that mustache in gear and celebrate Movember with (what else?) a little movement! This cool animated video by Dr. Mike addresses how sitting disease affects men’s health and how even small lifestyle changes (like using VARIDESK) can make a big difference.  So, grow that ‘stache, take the 30-day pledge, and get moving! […]

VARIDESK Featured in NOPA’s Connecting The Independent Dealer Channel Newsletter

VARIDESK was featured in NOPA’s (National Office Products Alliance) Connecting The Independent Dealer Channel Newsletter! Check it out here:

VARIDESK Now Available on!

VARIDESK is now available on! Check it out here:

William Chase Wright Reviews VARIDESK

Check out their review here: Reviews VARIDESK

Check out what they have to say here:

PrimalFitMiami Suggests Standing Up with a VARIDESK to Help Improve Posture at Work!

Learn about their “Clock Posture Check” and what they have to say about VARIDESK here:

VARIDESK on Good Morning Texas

Stand up for your health with VARIDESK. Check out our segment on Good Morning Texas here:

VARIDESK Wins’s Coveted “4 Lights On” Award

Great news! We’re excited to say that VARIDESK has won’s coveted “4 Lights On” Award. It’s on a scale of zero lights to 4, with 4 being the greatest! We’re honored to receive this award, and we encourage you to read their glowing review of the VARIDESK. You can find it here:  

The British Are Coming! … and They’re Joining the Standing Desk Revolution

When I began reading this BBC News Magazine article, at first I felt a little déjà vu because it started out a lot like our blog post from a couple weeks ago. I must say, I’m quite flattered that they read our humble blog (a blogger can dream!), but I’m also impressed that they took […]

Varidesk Rocks!

Thanks to some good publicity on a Dallas morning sports talk show, this Ticket fan is a VARIDESK fan too! Check out the post here:
Standing up desk Experiment

The Roundup Of Mac Accessories This Week : VARIDESK Made the List!

Attention Mac users! The folks at included VARIDESK in their weekly list of Mac accessories that they recommend. Just imagine how gorgeous your Mac would look perched on a VARIDESK like a fine objet d’art. Check out the full list here:  

Product Review: VARIDESK –a sit-stand computer workstation device

The Kelby Ergo Design blog wrote a thorough review of VARIDESK with some excellent technical information for users from an ergonomic standpoint. We’re so pleased that we passed the test! Read the full review here:

If you sit a lot, Varidesk™ will change the way you work

If you want straighter shoulders, healthier hamstrings and happier hip flexors, Carole Seawert at Freelance FactFile says VARIDESK is the answer. She also likes our companion reminder app, and even managed to get our slogan into her article’s title – Thanks Carole! Check out the full post here:
Sitting Disease

Work It With a Standing Desk

Jenn over at Fit Bottomed Girls gave VARIDESK a try and she loves it! Once again, versatility and ease-of-use won the day. She’s got some great tips for getting started with your new VARIDESK. Check out the full post here: