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Josh Decker Testimonial

Josh Decker Testimonial: Overcoming Back Surgery

Josh Decker, Director of Membership Sales at Airmed, came to us after he herniated and ultimately ruptured a disc in his lower back. After two epidural blocks and a surgery in April 2016 to remove a crushed sciatic nerve, he was feeling better but still struggled to work as comfortably as he did before the […]
10 Tips for Staying Healthy at the Office This Summer

10 Tips for Staying Healthy at the Office This Summer

With the arrival of summer, schedules are packed with pool parties, backyard barbecues and beach trips leaving less time to hit the gym. If you’re looking to stay trim despite a hectic schedule, you’ll love our list of the top ten ways to stay fit at the office. Tip 1 – Banish excess fat, sugar […]

Good News, Bad News, Robot legs, and a visit from the Bragasaurus

This week’s smorgasbord of links includes bad news about sitting too much, good news about workplace fitness and performance, some comic relief, and a little VARIDESK love for dessert. First, the bad news…  The Independent has some sobering statistics for couch potatoes – every extra two hours of sitting was associated with a 10% increased […]

Basic Ergonomics Primer for Using Your Standing Desk

What we know: Too much sitting is bad. Using proper ergonomics and a standing desk is good. What we (probably) don’t know: What “proper ergonomics” means. We’ve been conditioned to recognize “ergonomic” as a positive word that we want associated with chairs, desks, and other office basics and accessories. However, it’s not a magic incantation; […]
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Links We Love: Standing Desk User Tips, Funny Stories and Tooting Our Own Horn

Time for another weekly linkapalooza! If you need a little comic relief today, you’ve come to the right blog. We’ve compiled some great recommendations and funny stories, and topped it all off with a few bragalicious links to recent VARIDESK news and reviews. Enjoy!  This blog post from the “Sports Doc” at has some […]

Is Your Standing Desk a Tax Deduction?

It’s that magical time of year again! Well, maybe not so much magical as mandatory … of course, I’m talking about Tax Time. We all dread it and a lot of us procrastinate as long as possible, but time’s running out – April 15th is right around the corner. Reading that article reminded me that […]
affordable standing desk option Recommends VARIDESK as an Affordable Standing Desk Option

Check it out! VARIDESK got some techie love from the folks over at who were searching for an affordable standing desk option. In this article about how standing desks can benefit kids as well as adults, they recommended VARIDESK Pro as an affordable standing desk option. Cash-strapped college students, take note! Click on the […]
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Article Features VARIDESK as Affordable Standing Desk Option

We came across a great article today discussing different standing desk options and were pleasantly surprised to see VARIDESK mentioned as an affordable standing desk option! In the article in mentions the Mayo Clinic study that shows standing increases blood flow which helps to burn more calories. It goes on to explain that was the […]

The British Are Coming! … and They’re Joining the Standing Desk Revolution

When I began reading this BBC News Magazine article, at first I felt a little déjà vu because it started out a lot like our blog post from a couple weeks ago. I must say, I’m quite flattered that they read our humble blog (a blogger can dream!), but I’m also impressed that they took […]

Business Mirror Features VARIDESK in Standing Desk Article

We’ve gone global y’all! The Philippines’ Business Mirror recently published this feature about the growing standing desk trend, and included VARIDESK in their product reviews. But, seriously, that’s not the only reason I like the article… no really! I also like the fact that it covers some of our “greatest hits” from this here humble […]

Kick App at your Standing Desk

So, let’s say you’ve got your new standing desk and you’re feeling all healthy and smart, and you’re looking around at your sedentary coworkers with the requisite amount of pity… and then you realize you’ve been sitting down for 3 hours straight, your back looks like a question mark and your brain feels like oatmeal. Standing […]

Standing Out With a Stand Up Desk

A concern we often address with prospective VARIDESK customers is the “stage fright” aspect of switching to a stand up desk. Let’s face it, you may be pretty conspicuous if you’re the only person standing up in a sea of seated co-workers. Most office employees work in a cubicle or “open office” environment where standing […]
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Our 10 Favorite Makeshift Standing Desks: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Before VARIDESK came along, you had to have a fat wallet or a huge office to consider any of the standing desk solutions on the market. Regular folks were looking for a way to combat sitting disease without catching broke disease – so they got creative. Not everyone looks at a weight machine or a […]

Choosing a Stand Up Desk

Let’s be honest, VARIDESK serves the exact same purpose as every other stand up desk on the market. No matter which one you choose, you’ll reap the health and productivity benefits of standing more often during the workday. The big advantages to choosing VARIDESK over the others concern your bank account and, frankly, your sanity. […]
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Standing up desks work – They make you active at work

Standing up desks work and are set to completely change the way people work. Standing up at times during your working day is better for you, and will be beneficial to your health. This was the original premise behind the design and development of the VARIDESK. We looked at studies that came from the Max […]