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Curious How VARIDESK Works?

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VARIDESK Pro is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Well, it’s official – the VARIDESK Pro is a solution to a modern day health issue. Prolonged sitting is now recognized as a health hazard by the American Medical Association. The L.A. Times reports that the AMA adopted a new policy on sitting in the workplace at their recent annual policy meeting in Chicago. Citing […]

VARIDESK App and Personal Fitness Devices

Sitting Disease (aka “The cubicle killer”) is on everyone’s mind these days in both the business and tech worlds. Devices like Fitbit, Larklife, and Nike’s FuelBand are the latest must-have gadgets, and height adjustable desks are popping up (so to speak) in offices across the country. The national consensus seems to be: “It’s time to […]
Varidesk UK

VARIDESK UK launching on May 15th

Our launch of the VARIDESK UK website marks the start of our proposed roll-out across Europe of our innovative standing desk solution. The market for standing desk solutions in Europe is still in its infancy in comparison with the United States, and the launch of marks the start of our launch in Europe. We […]