Frequently Asked Friday: Part 1

Buying a standing desk can be a big decision that requires a good bit of research. At VARIDESK, we get a lot of questions about our desks, accessories, health benefits, and more. To help you out during your research process, we’ve created Frequently Asked Friday, a series created to answer common questions surrounding VARIDESK, standing while you work, and office wellness in general!


How do I lock the desk in different positions?

VARIDESK seamlessly clicks into 11 different height positions by just squeezing the two handles and either pulling up or pushing down. This allows you to easily adjust your VARIDESK to your specific height setting.

*Also note that if you are over 6’0” we advise you purchase either our Exec series desk or a Pro Desk to accommodate your height.

Will monitor arms fit on my existing desk?

Our monitor arms are made specifically to fit any VARIDESK, so we cannot guarantee they will fit on other desks. However, the 1 inch clamp does mean that it should technically fit on a desk with a 1 inch width. If you try it out and it doesn’t fit, you always have 30 days to return any VARIDESK product, risk-free!

Which desk starts at $175?

We do in fact have a desk that starts at just $175! Our Soho model is our most cost-effective, compact desk. It easily holds a laptop and mouse and is meant to be compact enough to move around if needed. This desk is perfect for a student, someone working from home, or anyone who just likes to change up their scenery throughout the day!

What if I don’t like my desk/it doesn’t fit my current setup?

For all of the indecisive people out there, we’ve got your back. At VARIDESK, we offer risk-free, 30 day returns and exchanges. If you don’t like your desk or need a different size, just contact us, pack it up, and someone will be scheduled to pick it up from you. We advise that you keep your box for at least 30 days, but we know things happen and boxes are bulky, so if you need a new box, we will ship you one free of charge.

How long does it take to set up?

However long it takes you to pull it out of the box. That’s right! VARIDESK comes fully assembled. No screws. No tools. Nothing. Just pull it out of the box, place it on your desk, and you’re ready to get standing!

If you’d like to learn more about VARIDESK and the benefits of standing desks, check out the rest of our blog here. See you next week for part 2 of our Frequently Asked Friday series!



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