Frequently Asked Friday: Part 4

Buying a standing desk can be a big decision that requires a good bit of research. At VARIDESK, we get a lot of questions about our desks, accessories, health benefits, and more. To help you out during your research process, we’ve created Frequently Asked Friday, a series created to answer common questions surrounding VARIDESK, standing while you work, and office wellness in general!

Can I have you guys on my podcast/show/blog/website?

We’d love to chat with you about this! If you want to feature us somewhere, please send us a message on Facebook or email with the details and we will get back to you once we’ve looked it over.

Is there a store/showroom I can go to to try out a desk?

Currently we do not have a showroom or storefront, but we are installing kiosks in various airports for you to test out our tests and work while you wait for your flight. Currently, we have kiosks in the Dallas Love Field and Chicago O’Hare Airport and are continuing to grow!

Are there any desks that will fit 3 monitors?

Yes! Our Pro Desk 60 can easily hold up to 3 monitors. Our 48” desks also have the ability to hold 3 standard monitors depending on their size and weight. You can also use our monitor arms to save space and add more monitors!

Can I buy your desk at an office store or retailer?

Unfortunately, we only sell our desks online at this time. You can purchase our desks either through our website,, or through Amazon. If you are worried about ordering the desk without seeing it first, we’ve got you covered. VARIDESK has a great return policy that allows you to return your desk for any reason, at no cost, within 30 days!

Is it hard to lift and lower?

Not at all! Thanks to our spring loaded boost design, VARIDESKS are easy to lift and lower for anyone, at any size, with any setup. This is even true amongst different desks. You’ll find it is just as easy to lift and lower our Pro Desk as it is our Pro Plus desk, so no need to worry!

If you’d like to learn more about VARIDESK and the benefits of standing desks, check out the rest of our blog here, or visit our website at


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