Height Adjustable Desks from VARIDESK

Height Adjustable DeskThe VARIDESK is a leading height adjustable desk for offices and homes across the USA. Our patent pending mechanism and design makes our height adjustable desks the most convenient way of standing while working at your computer.

The market for height adjustable desks is relatively new in the USA and previous designs have been complicated, expensive and over-designed. We decided to start at the very beginning again and looked carefully at the needs of the office worker. While affordability was an important consideration there were other very important areas for us to focus on.

Health Benefits

Study after study from leading research bodies like the Mayo clinic strongly pointed towards the negative impact that sitting at a desk is having on the office workers of the modern world. Our increasingly reliance on computers has brought us to a tipping point – we need a different way of working.

Our range of adjustable height desks can be seen on the product range section of our website.



The VARIDESK™ range of height adjustable desks can be retrofitted into your office within five minutes.