Increasing Desk Space: The Dual Monitor Arm 180°

Having a compact workspace doesn’t mean you should have to compromise space. If you work with two monitors, that can take up the majority of your desk space very quickly. That’s why we created the Dual Monitor Arm 180°. This monitor arm allows you to position your monitors flush against the wall, pull them closer when needed, and turn them up to 180°, giving you the ability to work with a horizontal or vertical monitor.

dual-monitor-arms-180-3 dual-monitor-arms-180-2

These arms support VESA-compatible monitors and, the best part is, your monitors stay in place when you lift or lower your VARIDESK without contacting the wall. This space-saving design makes the Dual Monitor Arm 180° the perfect companion to your VARIDESK sit-stand desk.

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  1. Daily alexa Daily alexa says:

    I use this particular arm to place a back left corner mounted and vertically rotated 30 inch to the left of my main monitor.

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