Josh Decker Testimonial: Overcoming Back Surgery

Josh Decker Testimonial

Josh Decker, Director of Membership Sales at Airmed, came to us after he herniated and ultimately ruptured a disc in his lower back. After two epidural blocks and a surgery in April 2016 to remove a crushed sciatic nerve, he was feeling better but still struggled to work as comfortably as he did before the injury.

To alleviate the discomfort Josh was experiencing, we sent him a Pro Plus 36™, Mat 36™ and VARICHAIR® for his office and told him to let us know how he was feeling in a few months.

It wasn’t long before Josh came back to us with rave reviews: “VARIDESK has completely overhauled my entire work experience. Over the course of a regular eight-hour day, I’m now standing six to seven hours, and utilize the VARICHAIR® when I need a slight break or have a lengthy conference call which requires excessive note-taking.”

After using VARIDESK, Josh’s lingering back pain subsided completely. He loves that standing at his ProPlus 36™ and using The Mat 36™ and VARICHAIR® constantly engage his core to help him maintain better posture and feel better at the end of the work day.

It’s no coincidence that Josh’s pain subsided like it did. The ProPlus 36™ has 11 height adjustable settings so the user can find one that suits her perfectly and adjusts from standing to sitting in only three seconds.

The Mat cushions and supports feet, knees, hips and back as the user works and contains a high-density core for long-lasting support.

The VARICHAIR® is designed to continually engage the back and core muscles by ensuring the user is still active even while sitting. The cushioned seat also has a wide range of motion, so the user can rock or stretch while seated.

Together, the three products work in harmony to ensure Josh experiences maximum comfort so he can be as productive as possible.

Finally, we asked Josh if he’d recommend VARIDESK to a friend and he said he’s already told as many people as he could about the products. “The ease at which the [ProPlus 36™] raises and lowers is remarkable and anyone could use it!”

Thanks again, Josh! We couldn’t be happier to hear how VARIDESK has revolutionized your work experience and helped with nagging back pain.

Do you have a VARIDESK success story of your own? Share your story in the comments for a chance to be featured on our blog!


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