Laptop Users – Yes, You Need a Stand Up Desk Too!


What could be a better combination than laptops and stand up desks? They go together like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, bacon and eggs (or bacon and anything, really)  No separate keyboard or monitor to mess with, just plop that bad boy right there on top and you’re ready to go – it’s a natural fit! That must be why we’ve had so many requests for a VARIDESK sized especially for laptop users. So, of course, we listened.

Rejoice laptoppers! The new laptop VARIDESK is made especially for you. It’s more compact than our single and dual monitor versions – the 30×20 inch work surface is the perfect size for your laptop (or even a notebook), and it still comes with the adjustable pull-out keyboard tray. It’s the same sleek, sturdy, affordable, easy-to-use product we all know and love – just a bit more wee.

Yes, I know that some of you laptop users think, “I don’t really need a stand up desk because I can move my laptop around and work from almost anywhere, so that means I’ll stand more.” Okay, I get where you’re coming from. Greater mobility is the reason for using smaller, lighter devices, right? But, c’mon, let’s be real – using a laptop doesn’t necessarily mean you’re standing or moving around more just because you can. (I’m looking at you, dude working on the couch in front of the tv.) In fact, I’m writing this on a laptop from a half-reclined position in a very comfortable lounge chair – it’s awesome at the moment, but an hour from now? Not so much.

Yep, laptop users are often living in an ergonomic nightmare of slouchy, twisty, sedentary sluggishness and need to join the standing revolution just as much (or more) than their desktop brethren. Sitting and working wherever you like is still SITTING, and too much of it is still bad for you. I’ll be working on my laptop at my stand up desk as soon as I finish this post …. Or maybe after a quick nap in this super comfy chair.


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