National Yoga Month: Forward Fold

For our next yoga stretch, you’ll need your desk chair. This is a modification of the forward fold pose. Begin by sitting in your chair with your feet planted wider than hip-distance apart. Inhale to a straight spine. As you exhale, tip forward from the hips. Allow your head to hang between your knees as your neck softens. Drape over your chair and breathe deeply. Come up slowly, allowing your head to hang heavy as you rise, one vertebra at a time. Your head comes up last.

Happy National Yoga Month!


– Sue

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Sue Schultze

Sue Schultze

Sue began her appreciation and love of yoga many years ago, but it was during a stressful time in her life that she returned whole-heartly to the practice. Looking for a moving meditation that could quiet the mind and return her body to a state of well-being, she was immediately at home with yoga. Sue is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, having received her 200-hour certification under Kelli Precourt, the owner of Balance Health Studio in Seagrove Beach, Florida. Sue is currently continuing her 500 hour certification at the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC. She has also completed both the Basic and Advanced Certification in Restorative Yoga from Judith Hanson Lasater. Sue teaches at Balance Health Studio in Seagrove Beach, Florida, as well as providing private and small group instruction.

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