Pro Series vs. Compact Series: Finding A Sit-Stand Desk in Your Comfort Zone

Questioning the Move

When it comes to upgrading to a sit-stand desk, you have a lot of questions:

“Will it fit in my workspace?”

“Will it hold my monitor setup?”

“Do I need a brand new desk?”

“Now that I’m standing, should I tell my coworker his bald spot is getting bigger?”

The short answers are: “Yes,” “yes,” “no,” and “it really depends on how close you are with Greg.”

Let’s go back and focus on your VARIDESK, though.Laptop Standing Desk VARIDESK Soho

A Desk for Everyone

If you’re a first-time stander or have an extremely organized office, you’re probably thinking of staying as close to your current desk setup as possible. That is, everything is on one level, tightly configured for maximum efficiency.

There are two VARIDESK models that fit this bill perfectly, each with their own benefits, the Pro Desk and the Compact Desk.

Start Small, Stay Nimble

The Compact Desk is built for the mobVaridesk Standing Desks In Storageile minimalist, perfect for small spaces and a stripped-down setup. Built around your laptop, the Compact Desk lets you go from sitting to standing in seconds, is easy to store out of the way, and holds up to 10 lbs. It also has 9 different height settings to help you find your preferred configuration.

Go Big. Or Not. Your Call.

If you’re looking for a sit-stand desk that has more traditional dimensions, check out the original, the VARIDESK Pro Series. Built so that everything sits on one level, it can accommodate single to dual-monitor setups, depending on the size. Starting at the Pro 30”, then moving up to Pro 36” and finally the massive Pro 48”, it may not be as mobile as its Compact cousin, but it easily makes up for that with a much larger work surface.

Much like the Compact Desk, the Pro Series comes fully assembled, is ready to work directly out of the box, and sits on top of your current workstation. However, this beefier design is able to pro36support up to 35 lbs, has 11 different height settings, and also boasts a slide-out lower tray for your keyboard and mouse.

Whether you’re looking for small and nimble or big and strong, we have a VARIDESK for you. Feel free to check out our website for these and other VARIDESK series to find your perfect sit-stand desk solution.


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