How to Sit Properly Between Sessions of Standing at Your Varidesk

how to sit properly Varidesk sit stand deskWhile we pride ourselves in being able to change the way you work with the Varidesk, we know that there are times when you will have to sit. And in our move towards healthy living, we believe it’s vital that you’re able to sit properly and with good posture. This not only improves the condition of your back and neck, but also ensures that the benefits of the sit-stand Varidesks aren’t counteracted. That’s why we’ve compiled some useful tips and information when it comes to sitting properly at your desk.

While your choice to invest in a Varidesk is the right choice when it comes to a number of health issues, few of us are afforded an entire day on our feet. We all have moments throughout out day when we sit: on the couch in front of the TV or having dinner at a table in a restaurant; when we watch a movie at the cinema or find ourselves around a boardroom table in a conference with fellow businessmen. The reality is that our lives are frequently interspersed with little moments of sitting that we can’t escape; which is all the more reason to be good at it.

Support your back

One of the first steps you can take to minimise back pain is to adjust your chair so that your lower back is supported. Proper support when you’re sitting reduces the strain on your back. Ideally, a chair that is adjustable will allow you to change the height, back position and tilt, to find the most suitable and supported sitting position. Another way of relieving back tension is to keep your knees in line with your hips, either by the way of lowering your seat or resting your feet upon a footrest. When you first sit in a chair, make sure that your hips are pushed as far back in the chair as they can go, while actively making an effort to sit straight, yet comfortably and relaxed. As a bi-product of this better sitting posture, you’ll notice that your breathing may be easier, because your ribs can move more freely with your spine supported by the chair.

Find the right position for your wrists

In a proper sitting position, you should be able to use the keyboard with your wrists and forearms positioned straight. This is vital in the prevention of repetitive strain injuries that can take its toll on your wrists and forearms. Your elbows should rest by the side of your body forming an L-shape at the elbow joint (which is the position that the Varidesk creates for you when you’re standing in front of it and working).

Feet firmly on the floor

One reason we recommend a footrest is because your feet should be firmly planted on the floor while you’re seated. This reduces the strain on your back by allowing for a solid support beneath each of your legs. Crossing your legs can feel comfortable, but can cause hip problems as well as cut off the circulation in your legs. It can also cause your back to tilt to one side or the other, placing more strain on one side and often resulting in back pain or stiffness.

Look forward, not down

Placing your computer screen a little bit lower than eye level reduces strain on your neck and shoulders, which can hunch over and result in incredibly bad posture. Keeping your screen at this level also reduces the risk of eye strain, which is a common complaint for workers who sit before computers all day. By angling your screen slightly lower than your eye level, your neck is a more natural position reducing the strain on your back.

As with any change in our bodies, relearning how to sit properly will take time. You’ll actively have to make your mind and body fit the form of a better posture. Due to a lifetime of bad habits, you may even feel some discomfort when sitting properly. But this discomfort isn’t a reason now to do it – it’s a reason to keep doing it until it feels natural. By teaching yourself to sit properly, you’ll take a step towards better health, and increase the positive results you’ve invested in by purchasing a Varidesk.

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