Why Are Stand-Sit Desks Becoming More Common in the Workplace?

standing desk by ramsey everydaypants, on FlickrWhen it comes to being a stand-up guy in the workplace, the proliferation of the stand up desk has certainly helped in this regard. With individuals becoming more and more health conscious, and the results of the negative effects of sitting readily available across the World Wide Web, it’s no wonder that there’s been a huge move towards the standing desk in recent years. But this move isn’t as new a revolution as you might be lead to believe. In fact, the stand-sit desk concept has been around for a lot longer than you would think.

Certain Luminaries of history recognised the positive potential of being able to stand and work long before medical reports became available. Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Thomas Jefferson and Ernest Hemingway can all be included in a list of note-worthy individuals who’ve made use of height adjustable desks. And as if the level of their work could not speak highly enough of their methods, there’s a variety of health benefits that have seen more and more first world country workplaces make the transition in recent years.

While it may seem simple to merely swap sitting for standing, it is not the standing statically that is better than sitting all the time, but the changing of your position that is key. By using a standing desk that allows for you to change position, you can keep your core and back muscles engaged, while improving your posture and even fighting fatigue. This is because your joints and muscles need to move throughout the day, while also being allowed to rest too.

Ideally, your work situation would cater for the ability for you to adjust everything in the workstation, but the ability to change between sitting and standing is certainly a giant leap in the right direction. And as we become more and more aware of the dire tolls that sitting for extended periods of time can take, it’s clear that the height adjustable desks have been a secret of great men for centuries.

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