Stand Up Desk Accessories – Mini Edition

These tiny office gadgets will fit easily on your stand up desk because they’re itty bitty yet useful little packages of goodness. There are just too many great office gadgets out there, and it’s too much pressure to list my all-time faves. That’s why I’m going to make this a regular feature so I can talk about all these gizmos and whatnots and hooziewhatzits as I find them. Sometimes they’ll be practical, sometimes they’ll be whimsical, and sometimes they’ll be downright bizarre. The theme for this week is miniature stuff – the cute factor is off-the-charts people! You may have seen some of these on the VARIDESK Pinterest page:

Mini Retro Desk VacuumVacuum

I repeat: MINI RETRO DESK VACUUM! Are you kidding me? This is the most adorable cleaning implement that has ever existed.  But is it really useful? Uh, yeah. For example: As I trolled the web looking for cool stand up desk gadgets to feature on this blog, I created a crunchy-snack-related mess on my desk. If only I had a mini retro desk vacuum right now!


Cabledrop Cord Clips


They’re small, effective, and easy to apply and remove – say goodbye to cord spaghetti!  Stick them to the side or the top of your stand up desk, or anywhere you need a little cord clean-up. They come in buttoned-up corporate colors as well as let-it-all-hang-out brights … because, let’s face it, we all have cord issues.




USB Mini Android Doll Mist Humidifierandroid

“I love breathing dry, stale, recycled air all day long,” said nobody ever. If you work in a climate-controlled office environment, your lungs and your skin need a misty little gift like this USB-powered mini humidifier. Bonus: it’s a posable android doll with light-up eyes who is happy to listen to all your ideas, dreams, complaints and office gossip. Breathe easy, you’ve got a friend.


USB Mini Cooling Fridge


Whoever keeps stealing your Diet Sierra Mist from the break room fridge will now have to buy their own terrible soda. This tiny USB fridge keeps one can ice-cold right there on your desk. Now they’ll need to have serious ninja skillz if they want to abscond with your sugary beverage. Check mate, soda thief!





Mini Ninja Sword Sound Effects Penninja sword

Speaking of Ninja skillz … this little sword pen turns everything you write into a triumph of stealth and finesse with cool sword sounds. “Dear soda thief, please stop stealing my Sierra Mist.” *SHHINNNG* “Grocery list: milk, bread, Sierra Mist.” *SHHINNNG* If I ruled the world, these would be mandatory at every desk in every office – imagine the boost your business would get from having an all-ninja staff!



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