Get Fit With These Stand Up Desk Exercises

I can’t lie, despite my love for my stand up desk, I’m really a pretty lazy creature at heart.  When it comes to exercising during the work day, I’m not likely to hit the gym or strap on running shoes and hit the streets. It’s just not going to happen. So, instead, I’ve found a few easy ways to maximize my movement and calorie burning during the day without leaving the air conditioning.

Calf Raises

When standing at your VARIDESK, It doesn’t get any simpler than calf raises – up, down, up, down – until your calves beg for mercy. Rinse and repeat. You can also hold hand weights or do one leg at a time to raise extra weight … y’know, if you wanna be a show-off.

Stability Ball

You may be thinking, “I have a stand up desk, why do I need a stability ball?” or, you may be thinking, “mmm… tacos for lunch” – I’m not a psychic. But I am a big fan of my stability ball chair – it engages the core while enhancing balance, stability and coordination. It’s like doing tiny, barely noticeable crunches without the silent cursing that usually goes along with them. When you’re not using it as a chair, you can use your stability ball to perform wall squats, lunges, push-ups and crunches. I don’t, but you could. (see above: lazy)

Hand weights

You can use them while standing or sitting, you can use them to exercise your arms, back, core, and legs, and they make great paperweights in a pinch. Keep it simple by doing some curls, or add them to any standing exercise (like lunges or squats) for extra weight.

Resistance Bands

These are hand weights’ lighter, stretchier cousin that you can easily throw into your purse or briefcase. Use them for such movements as biceps curls, shoulder presses, and rows. I’ve also heard of them being launched at particularly annoying coworkers like giant rubber bands, but I would never endorse such a thing.


Some folks go all-out and bring a yoga mat to work. (Bonus: your yoga mat can double as an anti-fatigue mat in front of your stand up desk) But, simple stretches while standing or sitting will do the trick too. Just do us all a favor and make sure your clothing is –ahem – stretch-friendly. When your boss asked you to put together a “crack team” she was referring to talent.


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