Stand up Desks

Stand up deskThe VARIDESK™ is a leading stand up desk option for offices looking to change the way their staff work.

Our patent pending mechanism & design make our stand up desks the easiest option for people looking to stand while working at your computer.

The market for stand up desks is a fast growing area  in America and when we looked at the products available for customers we found that they were often cumbersome, heavy, expensive and unfit for purpose.

With this in mind we decided to start from scratch and looked carefully at the needs of the office worker. While affordability was an important consideration there were other very important areas for us to focus on.

You cannot stand up all day

A fundamental part of the VARIDESK design is that it allows workers to switch between a standing position and a seated position in seconds. Allowing people complete flexibility in choosing when they stand or sit.

The monitor(s), keyboard and anything else on the surface of the VARIDESK rises and lowers along with the desk, so you can continue working seamlessly as you change your position.

To make it easier to incorporate standing into your work routine, we’ve created the VARIDESK desktop app. Just download the app from our website, set up your desired standing and sitting times and it will send you reminder alerts when it’s time to change your position.

Health Benefits

Study after study from leading research bodies like the Mayo clinic strongly pointed towards the negative impact that sitting at a desk is having on the office workers of the modern world. Our increasingly reliance on computers has brought us to a tipping point – Try a VARIDESK today and change the way you work.

Our range of stand up desks can be seen on the product range section of our website.



The VARIDESK™ range of stand up desks can be retrofitted into your office within five minutes.